Best Places to Eat in Skopelos

Best Places to eat in Skopelos

There are a number of excellent restaurants on the island. The popular Agnanti in Glossa is a classic eatery serving local favourites such as casseroles, oven-baked dishes and excellent dolmadakia.

For a modern take on Greek food head to Muses in Skopelos town. The restaurant’s sommelier will help you to pair your meal with the perfect wine.

1. Ta Kimata

Tucking into indulgent local cuisine is just as much a part of the Skopelos experience as seeing the sights. From Skopelos town to the picturesque village of Glossa, a plethora of exquisite restaurants await.

Operated by the Grypiotis brothers, Ta Kimata was the first taverna to open on the island and remains one of the most popular today. You can choose to dine indoors at one of the elegant tables or outside in a vine covered alley amongst the greenery. The menu is comprised of both seafood and traditional Greek dishes like stuffed calamari, lobster spaghetti and wild lamb served with lemon potatoes. A glass of local house wine and an old Greek folk song will be the perfect accompaniment to your meal here.

The taverna is located along the main seafront promenade in Skopelos. The food is traditional and authentic and the atmosphere is laid back. The service is excellent and the prices are reasonable.

If you are looking for a restaurant in Skopelos with a spectacular view of the Chora from your table, then this is the place to go. The food is fresh and the atmosphere is romantic. You can order everything from salads, to grilled meat and fish to pasta and even pizza. The best part is that you can enjoy your meal while listening to the waves gently lapping against the shore and watching the beautiful sunset over Skopelos.

Another must visit restaurant in Skopelos is Rodi which is tucked away down one of the cobbled streets in the old town. The restaurant is named Rodi because of the pomegranate trees that surround the courtyard, but they also serve delicious home-made appetizers and traditional Greek dishes. The owner is very friendly and his restaurant offers a unique atmosphere with relaxing music and enchanting surroundings.

The majority of restaurants in Skopelos can be found in the centre of the town and on the organised beaches in the villages of Panormos, Loutraki and Stafylos. However, you will find some nice eateries in other parts of the island as well.

2. Muses

Located on the eastern side of the island, Muses is an excellent restaurant with superb views. This restaurant serves traditional Greek favourites with a modern international twist and uses local ingredients where possible. This restaurant is a popular choice for dinner and can be very busy, especially at sunset so it’s best to make reservations if you plan on visiting!

The menu is diverse and the portions are generous. You can find dishes such as braised veal and slow cooked pork shoulder on the menu alongside delicious salads, seafood platters and traditional Greek desserts. The wine list is extensive and the service is great. This is an excellent choice for a romantic dinner for two or for groups.

There are plenty of dining options on Skopelos but it’s worth seeking out a few that stand above the rest. One of these is Muses which has been operating for over a decade and has a superb first rating on a similar website. This is due to the quality of the food which is served with top-notch ingredients.

You will be able to enjoy traditional Greek dishes such as Smyrna meatballs and fava bean puree, lemon potatoes and homemade fries. You can also enjoy many other classics such as grilled chicken breast and fresh fish. The restaurant has an extensive wine list and old Greek folk music plays throughout the evenings. The atmosphere is very authentic and the staff are friendly.

Another great option for dinner is Rodi which can be found tucked away down one of the cobbled streets in Skopelos. It’s a lovely courtyard style restaurant which is surrounded by pomegranate trees and was opened around six years ago. It’s a true local favourite and is filled with Skopelitis all year round. It’s a really relaxed environment and the chefs are always happy to discuss what you would like to eat with you so if it isn’t on the menu they can usually rustle something up for you.

It’s definitely worth trying the oven baked scorpion fish with plums which is a Skopeliti speciality here. They also serve very good risotto with beetroot and yogurt, halloumi stuffed minced beef burger and delicious curried chicken with ratatouille and potatoes.

3. Platanos Jazz Cafe

When it comes to eating in Skopelos, the port area is lined with dozens of restaurants and tavernas. Many of these eateries are vying for your attention but some stand out from the crowd.

One such place is Platanos Jazz Cafe. Located beneath the huge plane tree at the end of Skopelos harbor, this particular cafe has earned itself a loyal fan base over the years. The music and atmosphere here is magical, and it’s the perfect spot to enjoy an evening drink.

The food here is also excellent. The menu is varied and features some Greek favourites, such as mouthwatering oven-cooked lamb flavoured with rosemary and garlic. If you’re looking for a place to eat in Skopelos that caters to both local tastes and those of international visitors, this is definitely a great option.

If you’re looking for something a little more casual, head to Magali. This is a small restaurant that serves delicious Greek street food favorites like gyro and souvlaki pitas. The prices are incredibly reasonable and the food is fresh and tasty. If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat before heading out to explore the island, this is a great choice.

Another popular Skopelos lunch spot is Stou Dimitraki. It’s situated slightly out of the centre of town and is known for its hearty stews, smyrna meatballs and innovative mezes. The owners are the epitome of xenia (Greek hospitality) and they always ensure their guests have a wonderful experience.

As you dine, you can gaze at the sprawling villas and monasteries that dot the hills above the port below you. The views are simply stunning, and it’s easy to forget that you’re actually in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Skopelos.

After dinner, you can have a few drinks in the bars in Skopelos. There are a few that are especially charming, such as Screwdriver cocktail bar which sits down one of the quaint alleyways of Skopelos old town. There are other options, too, such as the Ntokos bar and Karavia, both of which have a more modern feel.

4. Juices & Books

Juices & Books is an intimate restaurant tucked away down one of the narrow cobbled streets of Skopelos town. This quintessentially Greek eatery is a favourite among Skopeliti and a must-visit for those wanting to savour authentic homely Greek cuisine. The dishes here range from grilled octopus to a plethora of vegetarian options including stuffed zucchini flowers and local katiti cheese. You’ll also find a selection of savoury seafood pasta dishes and the likes of lamb cooked in a flower pot and pork with citrus sauce and caramelized apples.

The food is complemented by a good range of wines from the island. The service is very friendly and attentive. The owner of the place is a very nice man who takes care of his customers.

The setting of this beautiful restaurant is perfect for romantic dinners. You can sit in the courtyard surrounded by flowers and lemon trees, or on the terrace overlooking the sea and the town. The menu is very varied and includes dishes for all tastes. You will also find vegetarian and vegan options. We especially recommend the grilled octopus and the grilled chicken with eggplants. The restaurant offers many fresh juices and smoothies. They are very delicious and the prices are reasonable.

This place is located at the end of the town near the sea. It is a quiet place with an excellent view of the Skopelos town beach. It is a family owned business with a large variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes. Their deserts are also excellent. The staff is very friendly and the owner always greets us with a smile.

Skopelos has a long stretch of a seafront promenade that runs from Palouki on your left, to the Panagitsa of Pyrgos and Kastro on your right. This whole stretch is lined with scenic coffee shops, homely tavernas and grill houses. The restaurants that stand out are those that have a great atmosphere and offer delicious traditional recipes and local specialities. It’s no surprise that these places are very popular and should be added to your list of the best Skopelos restaurants.