Best Places to Eat in Samothraki

Located in the north Aegean, Samothraki is a hidden gem that’s opening up to travelers looking for a more wild and natural experience. It attracts backpackers, neo-hippies, and campers who love low-key vacations in stunning landscapes.

It’s also home to some of Greece’s most breathtaking waterfalls and natural pools called “vathres.” The most famous is Fonias, which can be found on the hike up Mount Saos.

1. Taverna Karydies

A well-known and respected restaurant, Taverna Karydies serves a range of mouth-watering Greek dishes that are supplied daily by the local fishermen. It is one of the best places to try local fish such as balas (large-eye dentex) and melanouri (saddled sea bream). Aside from fish, the menu also features various pies and traditional meat dishes. Skilled cook Eleftheria serves up dishes that are sure to satisfy any cravings, especially the pizzas.

Tavernas in Greece are generally small, family-run establishments that serve a limited menu and focus on the regional cuisine. The food is usually simple and often revolves around grilled meats and seafood. The tavernas also offer a range of mezedes, including stuffed grape leaves (dolmades) and spreads like taramosalata and tzatziki.

One of the most popular restaurants on Samothraki, Taverna Karydies has gained a reputation that extends beyond the island itself. It is one of the few restaurants on Samothraki that specializes in traditional Greek cuisine, and its dishes have received critical acclaim from acclaimed travel publications.

The taverna is located above the old shipyard, and its terrace offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea. It is open from the end of June to the beginning of September.

Aside from the numerous archaeological sites on the island, Samothraki is home to some beautiful beaches. Some of the best are Kipoi, a picturesque beach that is often compared to the Caribbean, and Pachia Ammos, which boasts a long stretch of golden sand. Samothraki is also famous for its mystical connections. The island was a major center of worship for the Olympian gods and was the location from where the god Poseidon watched the Trojan War. Its most distinctive contribution to world culture, however, is the magnificent sculpture of Nike (Victory), which was created in 168 BC.

2. Taverna O Vrachos

Taverna O Vrachos, meaning “the fish taverna”, is exactly that – the perfect place for enjoying some delicious seafood. The restaurant is tucked away under the trees on the southern side of Kamariotissa, just outside of town center. This place is known for its great food, cozy atmosphere, and breathtaking sea views.

The menu is based on traditional Greek cuisine. In addition to the seafood, you can also try dishes like moussaka, stuffed vegetables, octopus in pasta, imam eggplants, and more. They are all very tasty and reasonable priced.

If you are looking for something lighter, there is also a good selection of salads, fresh fruit, and local cheeses. The restaurant is open all year, and it’s a great spot to meet up with friends or family to enjoy some wonderful food.

Besides the food, one of the best things about this taverna is its cozy environment and friendly staff. They are always willing to serve and help out. In addition, the staff here is very knowledgeable about the food and the wines.

Another reason to visit this taverna is the incredible homemade jams that are served with the meal. Dina makes some wonderful jams from a variety of fruits, including grapes, figs, praousti (a local fruit), sour cherries, and oranges. You can even buy the jams to take home, and they are very affordable at 10 EUR per jar.

3. Cafe Therma

Known as Therma for short, this is one of the oldest pickup bars in Bangkok and is located between soi 13 and 15 on Sukhumvit road. You’ll see a lot of young Asian girls in here waiting for punters to come in and chat with them.

The Therma has a wide selection of drinks, including beer and wine. The staff are friendly and speak English well. There’s a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of seating available.

The food is decent, but nothing to write home about. The Springs Cafe Restaurant at the Therma Bath Spa offers a seasonal menu that’s designed for both health conscious and indulgent diners.

Therma has a great atmosphere and is a good place to meet people. The girls here are friendly and attractive, and the prices are reasonable. The bar is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Therma has received positive reviews from Google users, and is a great place to relax with friends. For more information, visit the Therma’s website. Therma is open daily from 10:00 – 1 AM.

4. Cafe Trapeza

A beautiful cafe with great energy, owned by Ilias and Theodora. It was originally a bank, but now it is a charming place to have coffee and breakfast, or to just sit and enjoy the view of the medieval citadel. The menu is simple, but delicious. Try the Greek coffee (sketo, metrio, or glyko) and the goat milk ice cream. Also try a local alcoholic drink like tsipouro or the artisan beer Fonias Pale Ale.

For desserts try haslamas, which is a syrup cake made from wheat flour and semolina, or kataifi (a kind of phyllo pastry), galaktoboureko, or baklava. You should also try tyrosalata, which is a spread (with varying degrees of spiciness) made from cheese mixed with fat yogurt, finely chopped peppers, olive oil and spices. It’s amazing with fresh bread. The prices are reasonable. The service is friendly and fast. All the food tastes home-made and is very tasty.

5. Akrogiali Psarotaverna

A family owned business, Akrogiali is a local reference point in the region. It has a reputation for quality food served in a hospitable environment. The menu includes both seafood and meats cooked in a traditional manner with pure ingredients. There is also a large selection of vegetarian dishes. It is a great choice for families. The restaurant has great views of the sea and mount Athos. The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating.

The rooms at the hotel are simple though clean and well maintained. They have pine wood ceilings and furniture with tube TVs and a small refrigerator. Some have a balcony overlooking the water while others have a view of the mountain. The beds are comfortable and there is free WiFi throughout the hotel. The hotel is popular with older European travelers but families with kids are welcome as well.

Guests can dine at the hotel’s restaurant which is across the street from the beach but serves meals on a patio directly on the water. The taverna is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a great place to enjoy fresh fish and seafood with spectacular views of the water.

In addition to the restaurants on the island, there are several nearby ones where you can get delicious Greek food. For example, you can visit the Taverna Karydies which is famous for its tasty seafood dishes. You can also try the Taverna O Vrachos which is known for its delicious grilled meat dishes. The Fonias River is another must-visit destination if you are in Samothraki. This river is known for its massive floods every spring. The floods cause damage to homes and businesses, but the riverbanks are used for agriculture.