Best Places to Eat in Paxos

Paxos has a few unique culinary aces up its sleeve. You can sample the island’s deep-golden olive oil and, if you’re lucky enough to find it, the rare wines of vine-clad Antipaxos.

Tucked away on Mogonissi Beach Carnayo Gold Resto Bar Lounge Cafe dangles over the water and offers a Mediteranian menu with funky vibes. Reasonably priced.

1. Ben’s

Whether you are looking for a great breakfast, a place to grab a light lunch or dinner, or just a nice spot to sip cocktails and watch the world go by at sunset, Ben’s is the place to be. With a menu that combines Asian inspired cuisine with classic Southern dishes, they have something for everyone. Favorites like fried tofu, BBQ smoked pork nachos and the Ben’s burger show off how well these two cultures can come together in one kitchen. Depending on the time of year, you can often enjoy live music at Ben’s as well.

While public transport is virtually non-existent on Paxos, renting a car or scooter is a great way to get around. The main town of Gaios is where most people will be staying on their Paxos holiday and it’s easy to explore all the restaurants, tavernas and cafes by foot. You can also take a stroll down the pretty waterfront promenade and check out some of the quaint shops draped with bougainvillea. There’s even a small folk museum on the harbor front that showcases some of the island’s history.

Another lovely place to visit on Paxos is the church of Analipsi, which is painted in terracotta and has a gorgeous bell tower. Several other churches can be found scattered throughout the island, each with their own charm and beauty.

There are plenty of lovely little beaches on the coast too, including Harami and Kanoni. Both are pebbled and sheltered from the wind, and offer excellent swimming opportunities for travellers of all ages. For those who are feeling a bit more adventurous, it’s possible to rent a boat from the shore at Mongonissi and sail around the coast for a day.

There are lots of great homely eateries scattered across the island as well. Several are found in the port towns of Gaios, Loggos and Lakka, as well as in the smaller villages. Fanalino Restaurant and Bar is a cute little brunch place in the narrow streets of Gaios that is a favorite with many travellers. Other great choices include Akis Fish Bar and the Italian, family-run Blue Grotto.

2. Erimitis Restaurant

Paxos has a wide variety of bars, cafe’s, restaurants and tavernas to suit all budgets. Many are situated around the waterfront areas of the three main villages of Gaios, Lakka and Loggos but you will also find a good choice scattered over the island and on the edges of beaches too.

Erimitis Restaurant is a family owned and run restaurant on the west coast of Paxos. Renowned for its magnificent sunset views this is a truly romantic spot to be for a drink or dinner. The menu here is a mix of simple and tasty ingredients with a few unique twists that are still in keeping with traditional Paxiot cuisine.

You can enjoy drinks from the bar or sit at tables in this swish yet authentic location while you watch the sun dip into the infinite Ionian Sea. If you are lucky enough to be there for a sunset meal the food here is also outstanding with grilled octopus, lamb chops and sea bass on offer.

One of the best things to do in Paxos is to explore all of the wonderful tavernas and restaurants that are dotted across the island. This is a great way to try the local cuisine which mainly features fish, seafood and lots of fresh produce grown locally on the volcanic soil.

The island is famous for its olive oil which has a wonderful fruity flavor that can be enjoyed in many dishes and used to make a variety of salad dressings and sauces. Paxos also produces its own honey, cheese and wine.

There is a huge selection of lovely beaches to choose from on Paxos and it is possible to find a secluded paradise for yourself or go for a beach that has all the amenities. Some of the larger beaches have all manner of things to do like snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skis etc. Others are more secluded and have the feel of a real Greek island.

If you want to stay close to the main village of Gaios but have a secluded paradise for yourself check out Villa Glaros. This fabulous villa is a short drive to Gaios, Lakka and also Loggos and offers amazing sea views from the gorgeous outdoor spaces. There is a large modern kitchen in the villa and you will be able to use it to prepare meals with some of the local ingredients that are available on the island.

3. To Paxoimadi

Paxos is a beautiful island in the Ionian Sea and is renowned for its excellent restaurants, particularly those serving traditional Greek cuisine. You’ll also find great bars, coffee shops and tavernas across the island, especially in the main port towns of Gaios, Lakka and Loggos. Many of these are situated around the waterfront and dining areas are usually outside under canopy.

Cafe Kalimera is a Paxos “island institution”. It’s one of the best all day bars on the island and it offers a great selection of beers, wines and cocktails. This bar really comes into its own at sunset as the music is turned up and a lively atmosphere prevails.

The west coast of Paxos is a beautiful part of the island. The white cliffs that surround Ermitis Beach and the strange rock formations that protrude from the sea give it an exotic, paradise lost feel. It’s a popular spot for tourists to come and spend the afternoon, and it’s included in most boat trips that operate from the port town of Gaios.

You’ll find several tavernas and restaurants along the western coast of Paxos, but there is a particular gem in Longos called Vassilis. This taverna is widely regarded as the best on the island and it can be difficult to get in at dinnertime during peak season. It’s worth asking your hotel to book a table or contacting the restaurant in advance if you want to avoid disappointment.

Paxos is renowned for its cheese, in particular feta, and is also known for its olive oil. It’s a rich, fruity oil that is used in cooking and it’s a staple ingredient on the island. Paxos also produces wine, honey, nuts and pasta.

There are a number of bus routes across the island, and there’s also a taxi rank at the New Port where the ferries dock. However, it’s a good idea to pre-book a car hire or taxi through your accommodation. Cab prices are very reasonable and it’s best to contact your accommodation ahead of your trip to get their details for a local cab driver.

4. Vassilis

If you ask locals about the best place to eat in Paxos, they will point you in the direction of Vassilis. This taverna in Loggos is the top choice for many and it can be difficult to get a table during high season but trust me, the wait is well worth it. The menu here is a mix of Greek classics and dishes with an inventive twist. For example, you can try giouvetsi with locally sourced octopus or seafood linguini flavoured with thyme and feta cheese.

If the weather is kind you’ll want to sit on one of the beautiful outdoor terraces and enjoy a glass or two of wine whilst watching the world go by. The wines here are made from a grape called Avgoustiatis, native to the Ionian islands and they have a wonderful fruity taste.

There are some fantastic boutique shops on the island where you can pick up pretty things for your suitcase. This includes the Koo Concept Store in Gaios where they have bags, swimwear and sunglasses by a selection of designers.

Other shops and stalls can be found scattered around the island. Look out for a selection of local products including olive oil, honey and fresh produce. This is a great place to stock up for lunches and dinners at home as the quality of the olive oil here is superb.

Another must-see attraction is the small folk museum that sits on the seafront beside Faros cafe and Il Cappriccio gelateria. This is a really interesting place where you can see artefacts from throughout the history of Paxos.

The main square in Gaios is the heart of the action and this is where you’ll find the stunning terracotta coloured Analipsi Church. You can also check out the little tavernas that line the square or watch the world go by on one of the cafe terraces. Many of these cafes have live music so check out what’s on before you head over.

Getting around on foot isn’t an option as the roads are winding and hilly, but you can hire a scooter or car to explore the island more easily. You’ll need to have a valid driving licence and it’s essential that you have full insurance. Another great way to travel on the island is by boat. Boat trips are plentiful from the port of Gaios and there are also regular ferries between the islands of Antipaxos, Marmara and Corfu.