Best Places to Eat in Patmos

Best Places to eat in Patmos

The best places to eat in Patmos range from traditional Greek eateries to cosmopolitan options. From quaint tavernas in dreamy Hora to seafood shacks by the sea in Skala, the island offers great culinary suggestions and scrumptious local products.

Among the specialities of Patmos are the fluffy cheese pies, kapati spinach balls and xerotigana (a deep-fried sweet with honey and cinnamon). Also try mizithra cheese, which is made from full-fat goat’s milk and matured in seawater.

1. Vaggelis

With a view over Skala and the bay, this taverna compensates for its slightly unglamourous location at the head of the beach with solid value for old standbys like fried courgettes with garlic sauce and decent portions of grilled octopus tentacle. Other grilled dishes are on offer, as well as a range of salads and cheese-based recipes. This is one of the few tavernas that continues to operate all year round and attracts both locals and visitors alike.

Seafood and vegetable-based meals are popular throughout the island, with fresh octopus, squid, fish and stuffed vine leaves among favourites. But a typical Patmian diet is also dominated by meat with goat ‘kapama’ (goat marinated in red wine, raisin and cinnamon) being particularly favoured.

You’ll find good restaurants in Skala and the island’s capital, Chora, as well as some great tavernas on remote beaches and in villages. Many of the best places to eat in Patmos are family run and have been around for years. You’ll be able to try traditional Greek recipes but there are also more inventive ideas from chefs who have worked in other countries.

The most sophisticated restaurant on the island is Pleiades, in a beautiful setting between delightfully designed villas at Vangelis Villas. Its chef-school graduate owner purveys upmarket Med-fusion starters including falafel, squid sauteed with pesto or quinoa-based salad. Mains tend towards the meaty with options such as grilled octopus, stewed lobster and rooster cooked in wine.

The taverna in the centre of Skala, with its traditional tables on the plaza, serves up a delicious range of grilled and steamed seafood dishes as well as vegetarian choices. It’s very popular so booking is advisable.

2. Flisvos

The food of the island is rich and varied and the local products are well known, especially for their healthy properties. The main cuisine is seafood, but you can also try traditional meat dishes such as kapama (goat cooked with onions, red wine and raisin) or lamb souvlaki. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of cheeses and desserts made of local goat milk and honey.

There are also several vegetarian restaurants, serving fresh and light salads, soups, pasta, pies and other home-made dishes. Many restaurants offer a family atmosphere, and recipes are handed down from generation to generation. For example, on the road between Grikos and Petra you’ll find Flisvos, a traditional tavern which was opened in 1959 by grandfather Kiriakos Vamvakos. The restaurant is run by his grandchildren, who continue his tradition with their own innovations.

Another great choice for food on the island is Plefis, which offers a range of Greek dishes, both classic and modern. Located on Grikos beach, this waterfront taverna is attached to Patmos Aktis Suites and Spa Hotel and serves both hotel guests and outside visitors. Its highlights include its pies and moussaka, and the oven-cooked goat dish.

The taverna at Lampi beach has a beautiful location, sitting on the pebbles of the beach and surrounded by vegetable gardens. The taverna’s blue decor complements the colours of the sea and the surrounding rocks. The owners are very friendly and welcoming.

There is a wide selection of wines to go with your meal. The local wines are of a good quality, and are very affordable. They are served in small glasses and have a distinctive flavour. The tavernas on the island also serve a variety of soft drinks, including coffee and tea.

Some of the best restaurants in Patmos are those that have a view. The restaurants at the new marina in Skala have a lovely view of the boats moored there and the sunsets are amazing. The taverns on the beach also have nice views and are very popular with the locals. They often host events such as concerts or live music, so be sure to check their website to see what is happening.

3. Benetos

Patmos is a religious destination but it also excels in native Greek island cuisine. There is a huge choice of beachside tavernas and more sophisticated gourmet restaurants.

One of the best places to eat in Patmos is a family-run taverna called Benetos, off the road that leads to Skala from Grikos. It is a quaint place that is often full and has a lovely setting with a garden where you can sit out.

The food is superb and the service very good. It is a little pricy but worth it. They serve a great selection of greek wines and the menu has a wide variety of dishes. The desserts are fantastic too.

This is the perfect place for a romantic dinner. The restaurant is a small, traditional taverna with amazing sea views. It serves fresh, authentic Greek food and the atmosphere is perfect for a romantic evening.

Located in the picturesque village of Skala, this charming restaurant is famous for its excellent seafood and the best moussaka in Greece. The food is prepared with traditional methods and the ingredients are always fresh. The wine list is well-chosen and the service is impeccable.

There are some great restaurants on the island of Patmos, but most of them are in Skala and the main town of Chora. If you want something different from tavern food then there are elegant gourmet restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals and cocktails.

The most popular food on the island of Patmos is fish and seafood. There are plenty of great seafood restaurants to choose from in Skala and the surrounding villages. You can also try a few local meat dishes such as kapama (goat meat with onions, red wine, raisins and cinnamon). There is a lot of fruit growing on the island and you will find lots of great fresh juices in the many cafes. You can also find some nice cheeses in the shops on the island. Some of them are very special and made with milk from goats. These cheeses are very creamy and have a wonderful taste.

4. Koukoumavla

As one of the most popular restaurants on the island, you’ll find this taverna near Grikos beach crowded during peak season. But the service and food are well worth it. The taverna was created by a Michelin-awarded chef, and their menu is full of delicious dishes with unique twists. They serve everything from Greek salads in plant pots to quinoa dishes, and their grilled meat dishes are especially good.

The restaurant’s ambiance is perfect for relaxing after a long day at the beach or exploring the Cave of Apocalypse. Located in a working boatyard, the restaurant’s seating is contained within re-purposed boats. This makes it feel like you are dining in a restaurant in the middle of the sea! Their kataifi spinach balls and pastitsio are also must-try dishes.

In addition to the usual Greek taverna dishes, Koukoumavla serves many vegetarian and vegan dishes as well. They use only fresh ingredients and their own organic olive oil.

They are also famous for their desserts. Try the “Pugia” (traditional wedding sweet with a crispy leaf and stuffed with walnuts and almonds) or the “Kalathotos” (hard cheese made from goat’s and sheep’s milk).

A trip to Patmos is not complete without visiting the world-famous monastery dedicated to St. John the Evangelist who wrote the Book of Revelation on the island. The grotto that houses the monastery is filled with incense and has a strange feeling of serenity, while its gilded frescoes tell a fascinating story of heaven, hell, purgatory, and the devil.

While hiking on Patmos is not a major draw, there are some decent trails for those who want to explore the mountainous interior of the island. Some are marked, but the majority are not. With a little effort you can enjoy the scenic views from the secluded beaches and remote coves, or walk to the ruins of Lambi Monastery.