Best Places to Eat in Lipsi

Embrace local gastronomy at one of Lipsi’s best restaurants. Try classic Greek dishes like chicken souvlaki or seafood platters, and pair your meal with a glass of the island’s own wine.

Lipsi’s secluded beaches and tranquil charm leave an indelible mark on the soul. It’s a place where authentic experiences abound, from the island’s rich culture to its everyday allure.

1. Manolis Tastes

The village of Lipsi epitomizes the authentic essence of Greek island life. The quaint natural harbor is encircled by pretty white-and-blue houses, charming cafes and taverns where locals gather for a seafood supper followed by an ouzo-fueled nightcap.

The culinary scene on the island is a delicious fusion of traditional Greek flavors and enchanting island-inspired dishes. Restaurants such as Kalypso, Dilaila and Manolis Tastes feature a wide selection of delectable dishes including signature seafood creations and mouthwatering grilled meats.

For a quick lunch on the go, head to Steki Tou Stamatis in the main square of Lipsi town. It’s famous for preparing the best gyros and souvlaki on the whole island. Another must visit for a quick bite is the main bakery in Lipsi called Oikos Kairi where you can get fourteen types of fresh bread as well as savory and sweet pastries like apple pie, pougakkia with vanilla cream and tiropita with feta cheese.

When it comes to dinner, the best restaurant in Lipsi is Yiannis which is located on the waterfront. This beautiful taverna features stunning decorations as well as a pink Yiannis Boat moored outside and is known for serving huge portions of meat and fish. If you are a vegetarian, try the grilled aubergine with honey and lemon juice or squid cooked in lemon sauce.

Other great places to eat in Lipsi include Calypso and ToPefko. Both offer alfresco dining and a beautiful view of the harbor and the port’s brightly painted boats. If you are a seafood lover, make sure to try the special of the day that could be tuna steak, stuffed squid or cod cooked with lemon and potatoes. Those who prefer meat can enjoy a grilled chicken, lamb chops, spaghetti or various roasts.

2. Dilaila

There’s nothing better than a hearty meal of freshly caught seafood or mouthwatering grilled meats in a local taverna overlooking the crystal clear waters of Lipsi. From octopus and swordfish to lobster, squid and shrimps, local restaurants serve up an array of tantalizing dishes. If you’re not a seafood lover, don’t worry; tavernas also offer a range of meat platters as well as traditional Greek cuisine such as chicken souvlaki and mussels Saganaki.

The taverns of Lipsi showcase the true essence of authentic Greek food. The use of local ingredients ensures that the flavors are pure, and the tavern owners know exactly how to prepare each dish to perfection. Try to sample as many different dishes as you can, and make sure to try the local cheeses of touloumotyri and mytzithra, which are soft and have a unique flavor.

In the charming harbour town, restaurants like Calypso, Yiannis, and ToPefko occupy prime spots that face the brightly painted boats that sail past. They also feature charming outdoor terraces for alfresco dining and seaside views.

During the day, Lipsi is all about exploring its tranquil hideaways and captivating coastal panoramas, while at night, the island’s restaurants provide a delectable fusion of Mediterranean flavors. Whether it’s the aroma of fresh baked goods at Kairis Traditional Bakery or a romantic evening under the stars at Kalypso Restaurant Bar and Cafe, every experience in Lipsi is unique and enchanting.

For a more active day in Lipsi, head to Hohlakoura Beach or Tourkomnima for a day of swimming and snorkeling. You can also explore the rocks and tide pools, or just work on your tan under the warm sun. The beaches of Lipsi are ideal for families, as they are safe and easy to navigate.

3. Yiannis

The port of Lipsi epitomizes the authentic essence of Greek island life with a picturesque scene of colourful boats moored on the calm water and locals strolling up and down the narrow streets. Sit back and savor a cup of strong Greek coffee and indulge in traditional pastries while watching the daily rhythm unfold before your eyes.

The village is also home to the charming Manolis Tastes restaurant where diners can choose from a menu of choices curated in a unique and excellent way by chef Manoli Chiras. If you have seafood on your mind, go for the crayfish, cod or tuna that were fished from the local waters, while meat lovers can sample the grilled lamb and the suckling pig with honey and thyme.

Souvlaki is another must-try dish. These marinated pieces of pork or chicken are skewered and grilled before being served on pita bread with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes and cucumbers. For something lighter, try a Greek salad made of juicy tomato, crisp cucumber, shaved onion and crumbly feta cheese dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. The local wine, made from the island’s own grapes, is also a popular choice.

There are plenty of great dinner spots in Lipsi but if you want to get an insight into the island’s culture and everyday charm, head for a tasting evening at the family-run Alfa Farm Dairy. Their artisan cheesemakers will have you in stitches with their insightful and hilarious stories while you sample their full range of mouthwatering cow, goat and buffalo cheese. Then, end your night with a cocktail at the hillside venue Angela’s Cafe as you watch the sunset. This is a place that truly comes to life at night!

4. ToPefko

The restaurant is located on the western part of the island near the small harbor. It offers many dishes made of local products and is a must for anyone who wishes to try the local cuisine and the sweets of Lipsi. You can enjoy fourteen types of fresh bread, apple pie, baklava and the famous pougakkia (with vanilla cream).

On one of my visits to this unique little restaurant, I was treated to freshly-squeezed orange juice, strong espresso and freshly baked baklava for breakfast. As I sipped my drink and munched on the flaky pastry, a couple of weather-beaten local fishermen with cheeks that betrayed their love for ouzo burst into an impromptu round of Greek dancing which they enthusiastically invited a handful of tourists to join them. This kind of spontaneous entertainment might seem contrived and faked elsewhere but here it seemed genuine, a welcome change from the cynicism and sleight-of-hand that characterize so much tourist-orientated culture.

Lipsi is a beautiful and peaceful place. It’s easy to walk around the village or along the beach and take in the natural beauty of this hidden gem. The locals are warm and welcoming and there is a sense of community that permeates the island. It’s a rare treat to discover this hidden treasure.

The locals are always happy to welcome you and show you their Lipsi. They are ready to share their knowledge and traditions with you, they will make you feel at home and offer you the best food on the island. It’s a great way to experience the true Greek spirit. So, why not visit this special place and start your trip to the most beautiful island in the Dodekanisos Sea.

5. Yannis

The main port of Lipsi is a picture-perfect natural harbour ringed by pretty white-and-blue houses and restaurants. Brightly painted fishing boats bob beside sleek yachts in the small marina and locals gather for seafood suppers at waterfront tavernas before retiring to the town’s many ouzerias for a nightcap.

If you’re looking to experience the best of Greek island gastronomy, then look no further than Yannis, located on the corner of the harbour. This taverna displays genuine local gastronomy at extremely affordable prices. You’ll find fresh fish and seafood, such as grilled octopus that has been soaked in the sun all day, grilled squid, or a tuna sail served with lashings of simple white wine, ouzo, or retsina. For those not a fan of fish, other options include lamb, beef, spaghetti, or goat meatballs.

Then for dessert, tuck into the scrumptious pastries at Kairis Traditional Bakery. The bakery’s heavenly aroma is enough to transport you to heaven, and their delicious baked goods make for the perfect companion to a steaming cup of coffee.

Afterwards, take a stroll through Lipsi’s winding streets and discover the village’s many quaint cafes and shops. Indulge in a pastry and sip on some of the island’s locally produced wines, including the famous Fokiano grape. If you’re a wine buff, a visit to the Alfa Farm Dairy is an absolute must. The dairy’s skilled cheesemakers produce a range of mouthwatering gourmet cheeses using fresh milk from the island’s cows and buffaloes. Taste the artisanal delights, and don’t forget to order some of their delicious olives! Then finish your evening with a sunset cocktail at one of Lipsi’s hillside bars. There are countless picturesque spots to choose from, all of which boast stunning views of the glistening sea below.