Best Places to Eat in Lemnos

Best Places to eat in Lemnos

The lack of mass tourism means that Lemnos’ tavernas stay true to the island’s traditional cuisine. The local ingredients are put to good use, including the island’s unique melihloro and kalathaki cheeses.

For desserts, kourabiedes and bougatsa (semolina custard wrapped in phyllo) make the grade alongside sticky samsades, reminiscent of baklava.

1. Man-tella Tavern

Man-tella Tavern is a traditional village home style place that serves tasty cooked dishes based on the Mediterranean cuisine. The dishes are very authentic and the atmosphere is cozy and warm. The food is a perfect choice for families and groups as it is a very affordable option with great quality.

The tavern is located in the picturesque and beautiful village of Sardes, Lemnos. The dishes here are made with the finest ingredients. The restaurant also has a wide selection of wines and other drinks. The owners of the tavern are very friendly and welcoming. They always make sure that the customers are well taken care of. The service is very quick and the prices are very reasonable.

Another must visit tavern on the island is Flomari Tavern. It is located on the northeast side of Gomati beach on the north coast of Lemnos. The tavern was created 3 years ago by the talented chef Malama Banavou. The food she prepares is delicious and better than any other tavern on the island. Some of the must try dishes include dakos with marinated zucchini, afkos (local fava) with sun-dried octopus and local pasta with seafood.

Flomari Tavern is a family-run business that prides itself on providing top quality service and products. The menu features traditional Greek cuisine. It includes homemade pies and breads, fresh salads and soups, grilled and fried meats, and seafood. The tavern is open all year. The owner and her staff speak both English and Greek.

According to the customers of the tavern, the food is amazing. The owner and her staff are very friendly and the service is fast. Guests also love the music that is played here. The restaurant is a great place to sit back and relax.

Lemnos is one of the best places to explore the natural wonders and the history of Greece. The island has a variety of beaches, tavernas and museums that can be enjoyed by visitors. The island is also famous for its wine, especially the Limnian krasi. The unique geography of the island helps to produce high-quality wines because it prevents direct sunlight from reaching the grapes, prolonging the growing season and resulting in richer flavors.

2. Ninnolo Gelato

Ninnolo Gelato is a small and cozy gelateria, ideal for those who want to enjoy authentic, handmade, quality ice cream. Located in the traditional village of Sardes on the northeastern part of Lemnos, this place is loved by locals and summer visitors for its warm hospitality, a great atmosphere, traditional village home style cooked meals and its original flavors. The founders of Ninnolo Gelato have traveled the world to find the best ingredients in order to create a high quality and unique ice cream without eggs, sour cream or butter. They use only fresh flower milk and the finest artisanal products.

The menu includes a large variety of delicious flavors. You can also get a breakfast or a brunch here.

The service is friendly and the staff is always available to help you choose your favorite flavor or recommend a new one for you.

3. Flomari Tavern

Located on the north of the island, close to Gomati and its famous sand dunes that are the only desert in Greece and one of the two in Europe (the other is in Spain), Flomari Tavern is a place you must not miss. It is here that Malama – a young cook who has put her own gastronomic stamp on the island – welcomes you in her cozy restaurant. Here, on the pristine shore of Lemnos, she will offer you samples of the traditional Lemnian cuisine and the thyme honey that she makes herself.

She will also show you how she prepares the kalathaki cheese of Lemnos that is a medium-soft cheese with a flavor that may remind you of feta, but it has its own characteristics. Then she will introduce you to the world of thyme honey that she has made herself from the flowers grown in her garden and to the kouloumia that she uses to garnish her dishes. And if you are still hungry, she will offer you her homemade tsipouro, which she has infused with various herbs.

Lemnos, known as the “Island of Hephaestus”, was first introduced to wine cultivation by the Minoans. Later, it became a granary of Athens and the imperial court of Byzantium. Then refugees from the Asia Minor catastrophe brought their culinary habits and products to the island, resulting in its rich and varied cuisine.

From fish mezedes in Kotsinas to the delicious grilled lamb in Moudros, a visit to Lemnos is not complete without tasting its local delicacies. And you can do this in taverns that will serve you traditional meals with a Greek touch.

In taverns like Mantella in Sardes, for example, you will be able to taste dishes that are a combination of local ingredients and the art of cooking. In the same way, at Flomari Tavern in the village of Gomati, you will enjoy a wide selection of traditional meals and a bar where bartender Christos Golfis will mix cocktails from tsipouro, wine and herbs from the island. And don’t forget the desserts!

4. Pezoula

The tavern Pezoulas is located in the village Kallithea and it offers genuine greek food and seafood. Its homemade recipes, served with love, will make you feel like home on Lemnos. The restaurant is a family business and the owners will always welcome you with warmth. Their menu includes traditional soup, boiled potatoes salad with zucchini and onions, grilled meat dishes and the fish of the day. You can also try their special bread with garlic and melihloro cheese and enjoy your meal with some local wine.

The food at this tavern is all made with fresh ingredients from the island. The tavern’s cooks use a wood-burning oven to add extra flavour and serve their guests traditional Greek meals. The tavern’s staff is always ready to help you find the best dish for your tastes. Their recommendations include the rooster in wine sauce with flomaria, Lemnos goat in tomato sauce and wild rabbit stew. The desserts here are also worth a try, such as the syrupy Lemnos spoon desert, gluko tou koutaliou.

Besides the food, the tavern also offers a wide selection of Greek spirits, including ouzo and tsipouro. If you would prefer to stay away from alcohol, they have several soft drinks to choose from as well. The tavern is open from early in the morning until late in the evening. The interior is comfortable and inviting, with a paved yard and lots of flower pots. The decor is simple and cozy, with director’s chairs, colourful cushions and a few basil pots to complete the look.

The food here is very good and reasonably priced. You can get a full breakfast, lunch and dinner for under 30 Euros. They also offer coffee, drinks and a selection of desserts. The menu changes daily depending on what is available, but the dishes are always delicious. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and you can even order takeaway.