Best Places to Eat in Kea (Tzia)

Best Places to eat in Kea

Kea (Tzia) is dotted with seafront restaurants and taverns, with Korissia and Vourkari having the most choices. However, additional regions such as Ioulida boast excellent dining options too.

Fresh fish and seafood are the stars of many plates, but dense-flavored meat dishes also feature on the menus. Look out for kontosouvli, paidakia and gourounopoulo (grilled intestines from lamb or goat wrapped around offal). Other highlights include kalamari gemisto and atherina.

1. Aristos Restaurant

Aristos is a beautiful restaurant, with a large terrace and a great view of the sea. The food is delicious and the service is excellent. It is a must for anyone visiting the island of Kea. The prices are a bit expensive but it is worth the money.

The menu at Aristos is a mix of family recipes and Greek classics, including dolmathes (grape leaves stuffed with rice and seasoned beef) and gyros. The restaurant also serves a selection of mezedakia, which are smaller appetizers.

Boutsikakis said he wanted to give his restaurant “a different atmosphere, more of a city feel” than other Greek restaurants close to the U. He added most of his restaurant’s return customers were University faculty and students.

In addition to being a great place to get a good meal, Aristos is also a great spot for drinks. The bar has a variety of beers and wines and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The menu is also a little pricey, but it is worth the money for a quality meal. It is a great option for a date night or a special occasion.

2. Kostas Restaurant

Kostas Restaurant is a bar & restaurant that offers a wide variety of Greek food. The menu has something for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. The prices are reasonable, and the atmosphere is family friendly. There are also many TVs, which makes it a great place to watch sports.

The owners of Kostas Restaurant came from Greece and have years of experience in the restaurant business. They have a passion for food and have created a restaurant that is based on the flavors of their homeland. The restaurant is located on Hertel Avenue in Buffalo, New York. They offer a diverse menu that includes fish, steaks, and pasta. They also have a number of delicious desserts.

The owners of this family-friendly restaurant have been in the business for over 20 years, and they know how to treat their customers well. They are known for their fast service, fresh ingredients, and delicious food. In addition, they are very generous with their portions. Customers can dine in or take out their meals. They also offer curbside pickup.

3. Taverna on the Beach

A family run restaurant with a great menu that varies seasonally using the freshest and pure ingredients of Kea. Located along the promenade of Vourkari it is also available for private events.

Another of the island’s blue chip eateries, it serves a great selection of seafood dishes as well as other meat-based options including rarities such as saligaria (escargot/snails in red sauce). On the expensive side but worth a visit if you love the idea of eating at a place where VIPs once stopped with their yachts.

A must-visit for any foodie. The restaurant is located in a beautiful location overlooking Koundouros Beach, surrounded by lush vegetation. The interior is tastefully furnished and features a large dining area, an outdoor lounge and an intimate bar. The menu is influenced by modern Mediterranean cuisine and includes an extensive wine list with wines from the Greek Islands and Europe. It is also possible to purchase a bottle of wine from the bar and take it to your room. The service is attentive and friendly and the waiters are always willing to offer recommendations based on your preferences. It is a great option for lunch or dinner.

4. Kostas Tavern

Kea offers a variety of dining options, from traditional sea front taverns to gourmet restaurants. This gorgeous island in the Cyclades island complex is just an hour away from Athens, combining relaxation and tranquility with a vivacious nightlife.

The menu at Kostas Tavern is rich with tasteful dishes of traditional Greek cuisine. The ingredients are locally sourced from the island’s farmers. The restaurant offers an array of seafood, meat-based meals, and desserts.

This family-run tavern is a must for all foodies visiting Kea. The owners, socialite mother Ritsa and her son Yiannis, are very kind. They serve real home-made greek food at decent prices, especially the grilled lamb and souvlaki. The wine they sell is also homemade and very good.

The tavern is located in the village of Vourkari, near the port and the sea. The menu features authentic Greek and Mediterranean dishes with light flavors. The atmosphere is relaxing and the service is excellent. The menu also includes vegetarian options and daily specials. Kostas Tavern also offers takeout and delivery services for your convenience. In addition to its regular menu, the tavern has a selection of wines, including several from Greece. The tavern is open for lunch and dinner.

5. Philippos Restaurant

The cuisine on Kea is mainly Cycladic with some seafood specialties. You can find traditional dishes like kalamari gemisto (stuffed squid), atherina, and garidomakaronada (shrimp pasta) on most menus. Many restaurants also feature densely flavored meat. Some restaurant owners even breed their own animals to assure the quality of their meat dishes. You can also try kokoretsi (grilled lamb or goat intestines wrapped in offal) and paidakia (lamb chops).

Philippos Restaurant is one of the best places to eat on Kea. It serves Greek food at affordable prices. Its restaurant is located near the sea and offers a wonderful view. Its staff is friendly and helpful.

The restaurant is open year-round and has a good reputation. Its menu features Greek classics, as well as a few rarities such as saligaria (snails in red sauce). It is worth visiting to sample the delicious food and beautiful views. It is a great place to visit with the whole family. The only downside is that the service can be slow, especially in the high season. However, it is still worth the wait! The food is delicious and the price is reasonable. The restaurant is located close to the beach and has beautiful views.

6. Kostas Tavern

Kostas Tavern is a Greek restaurant and bar that offers high-quality food at reasonable prices. The menu includes classic dishes like gyro, mousaka, and lamb souvlaki, as well as unique options such as kalamari gemisto (stuffed squid) and atherina (tiny type of fish). The bar is stocked with an assortment of beverages and also offers daily specials.

The family-run restaurant is located in the heart of Ioulis, across from St Dimitri church. Mom Ritsa cooks and dad and son Yiannis serve. It is real home-style cuisine, using local fresh ingredients. The aubergine wraps with minced meat and the rabbit in beer sauce are especially tasty. Service can be a bit slow when busy.

In addition to offering a wide selection of delicious dishes, Kostas Tavern Meze scores high on the customer ratings and is one of the best places to eat in Kea for lunch or dinner. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Guests can enjoy their meals at the outdoor seating area or inside the cozy dining room. In addition, Kostas Tavern Meze offers takeout and delivery services for those who prefer to dine in the comfort of their own homes.

7. Kostas Restaurant

Despite its proximity to Athens, Kea remains an oasis of tranquility. While it has a certain upscale vibe with well-off Athenians having weekend or summer villas, its locals still know how to live the Greek island lifestyle with beautiful beaches and authentic cuisine.

Seafood and Mediterranean food are the stars of Kea’s menu, with most restaurants offering stunning views over the cerulean Aegean and the mainland. Korissia, Vourkari, and Ioulida boast the most options, but other regions like Koundouros and Otzias also offer tavernas.

Start your day with a tyropita (cheese pie) from the bakery opposite the ferry dock and make sure to grab a jar of Kea’s famous thyme honey while you are at it. On your way to Hora, find a shady spot at Ton Kalofagadon taverna in the main square and order their loza (Kean’s prosciutto) and paspalas (smoked pork rubbed with thyme). They also make excellent spoon sweets, such as unripe figs in honey or sour orange slices in syrup. Their service can be a little slow on weekends but the owner, Yiannis, is polite and attentive. Authentic and good value. A real gem in this busy part of Ioulis.