Best Places to Eat in Icaria

Best Places to eat in Icaria

The island of Ikaria is famous worldwide for its long-lived residents, who inspire researchers to investigate their health and longevity. Their diet, lifestyle and environment are all under scrutiny.

Most Ikarians have their own year-round gardens that provide them with a steady supply of fresh produce. Meat is consumed in moderation. Nevertheless, try paidakia (grilled lamb chops), stewed beef stifado or moussaka.

1. Afianes Winery

In a vineyard that spreads over the verdant hills of Ikaria you will find Afianes Winery, a place where wine and friends come together. This family-driven winery was founded in 1997 and is a must for all wine lovers visiting the island of Icaria. The owners take great care in preserving the old Ikarian wine traditions while they also innovate in both harvesting and vinification processes. This is done in order to produce wines with a distinct and unique identity that stand out in the international wine scene.

The winery focuses on the production of local grape varieties, Fokiano and Begleri which are indigenous to Ikaria and hold Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). The soil of the northern-western part of the island is argillic and sandy with low pH, zero active calcium, minimal organic matter and high concentrations of various trace elements such as potassium, manganese, iron, boron etc. This combination produces fruit and wines with a specific aroma and taste.

One of the wines to try during your visit to Afianes Winery is their Icarus, a rich red that has been aged for 10 years. The wine has a complex aroma and a strong body that is well balanced with a pleasant acidity. The Icarus can be enjoyed with all kinds of foods but it pairs very well with cheese, olives and grilled meat dishes.

During your visit to the winery you will be able to see how Ikarian wines are made in a state of the art modern winery located at Profit Ilias in Raches, on the island of Icaria. The winery was constructed with love and attention to detail with the primary goal of placing Ikaria wines on the wine map of Greece and Europe. It houses a small theatre in ancient style, spaces for production, storage, wine tasting for visitors and offices.

The Afianes Winery is open for visits all year round. A wine tour will guide you through the history of wine on Ikaria and how the vineyard has been developed over the years. You will also get the chance to visit Pithostasi, a special underground area where old clay jars of wine are stored.

2. Halari Gorge

Halfway between Samos and Mykonos, Ikaria is an often-forgotten Greek Island with a rare wild beauty and intriguing Greek mythology. It takes its name from Icarus, the son of Daedalus who flew too close to the sun with his wax wings and fell into the sea near the island.

Ikaria is a mountainous island with lush forests and spectacular beaches. It also has many picturesque villages with narrow alleys and traditional architecture. It’s easy to find your way around by renting a car or taking one of the daily local buses.

The best places to eat in Ikaria include tavernas in the village of Nas, a fish restaurant on the beach, and several restaurants in Agios Kirikos. Many of these tavernas and restaurants feature local products like honey, goat cheese, and the local wine of Pramnios Oinos. Some also offer fresh seafood and mouthwatering grilled meats.

Agios Kirikos is the main town of Ikaria, and it’s known as one of the most charming settlements in the Aegean Islands. Its historic district features red and blue neoclassical houses with flowered balconies. It’s also home to the Metropolitan Church of Agios Kirikos, which has a beautiful blue dome and is worth visiting.

One of the top places to visit in Ikaria is Halari Gorge, a natural region located about 50 km northwest of Agios Kirikos. The gorge is blessed with mall lakes, narrow rivers, beautiful waterfalls, and verdant vegetation. It’s also a great place for hiking. You can explore the gorge on a trail that starts from the beach of Nas and leads to the village of Christos Rahon.

Ikaria is a perfect destination for nature lovers. The flora of the island is diverse, and there are many species of birds, reptiles, and mammals. The island’s thick vegetation is also home to endangered animals, including the Turkish lizard and river otter. The island’s waters are filled with sea urchins and bottom-dwelling fish from the salaria genus.

3. Christos Rachon

Ikarians pursue not only work but also the pleasure of being with family and friends enjoying together a cup of coffee or a shot of ouzo accompanied by octopus or kalamari (caught earlier that day in Ikarian waters) served with bread straight out of the town baker’s oven, fruits and vegetables cut fresh from the garden and wines from the island’s vineyards. They look forward to various Saint’s days when, in the central square of different towns and villages, they can feast and dance the “Kariotiko” throughout the night to the sounds of live bands featuring the violin and bouzouki.

The large mountain village of Christos Rachon is one of the most authentic and best preserved villages on Ikaria and a must-visit place for all visitors. It is situated at a height of approximately 500 meters, amphitheatrically built in the middle of pines, oaks and fruit-bearing trees, revealing to the visitor its unique architectural appearance. Every step and every gaze around the village leaves a new picture more beautiful than the previous one.

It is a village with its own imposing church with an impressive marble belltower and the traditional high school that retains the old color of the settlement. Its paved square with traditional coffee houses and tavernas, the traditional shops and the local bakery attract visitors from Armenistis as well as from the rest of Ikaria. It is also famous for its summer traditional music festivals that are held in the village as well as in the neighboring villages of Lagada, Karavostamo and Monokambi.

The village of Christos Rachon holds perhaps the largest traditional celebration of any Ikarian village on the 6th of August, on the day of Jesus Christ. Visitors and villagers from all over Ikaria come to enjoy the free roast lamb, delicious local wine and traditional songs and dancing until sunrise. This is the biggest party of the year and it is a must-see event.

4. Agios Kirykos

Icaria is a Greek island located in the Aegean Sea near Samos. It derives its name from Icarus, the son of Daedalus in Greek mythology. The legend states that Daedalus built wings of feathers and wax for himself and his son to escape imprisonment on Crete, but Icarus flew too close to the sun and ultimately fell into the Aegean Sea. The island where he fell became known as Ikaria in his memory.

The Island of Ikaria is a very popular destination for travelers. It has many beaches with crystal clear water and green bushes, as well as villages with traditional houses. In addition, the Ikarians are experienced fishermen both professional and amateur, so visitors can enjoy fresh seafood from the sea at the local restaurants.

Most of the islands residents work on farms and produce their own food, but the economy also depends heavily on tourism. The island has a lot of different types of hotels, as well as apartments and villas for rent. The island has a lot of different activities to do, including hiking, swimming, and snorkeling.

Ikaria is an ideal place for people who want to relax and get away from the crowds. The weather is warm and dry, with most days having high temperatures in the low to mid-80s Fahrenheit. The island is also very hilly, with several gorges and ravines. The island is home to a number of wildlife species, including goats, rabbits, and wild boars.

One of the best places to eat on Ikaria is the restaurant Sto Kabi. This eatery is a favorite among locals and is known for its Greek flavors, slightly tweaked, as well as its use of fresh ingredients. The trahanoto (made with trahana, a type of Greek rustic pasta) is a particular highlight.

In addition, the restaurant offers a range of desserts and drinks. While Ikaria doesn’t have the picturesque streets and shops that you would expect from a Cyclades island, it does have many excellent restaurants that are worth visiting. Ikaria is also known for its baklava. Several bakeries throughout the island offer baklava, so you can try it for yourself when you visit.