Best Places to Eat in Dokos

Best Places to eat in Dokos

Dokos is a small uninhabited island that is three kilometres off the northwest coast of Hydra. It has beautiful beaches and inland walking and significant archaeological sites.

The Captain restaurant overlooks the Venetian castle of Parga and the monastery of Vlacherna from Valtos beach. It serves a range of Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

Cafes En Lefko

Located just across from the beach on the road to Otzias it is a lovely restaurant with a great view. It is a taverna but with some nice ala cart dishes and a large choice of appetisers and salads. Their kolokithia-keftedes (like meatballs but made with squash) is really good and the paspola is like a scrambled egg dish with tomatoes, onions and peppers mixed with some kind of pork or beef which is very tasty. They have nice fish dishes such as fried kalamaraki and marinated gavros. Their meze is very good too with warm Greek pitta bread in olive oil and oregano, aubergine dip, cheese balls, mikrolimano prawns and more. They also have a ‘kotsi’ pork and cheese dish which is very good.

This is a very nice place for lunch and they serve a range of drinks including Retsina wine, tsipouro and ouzo. They are open all year. It gets quite lively on Saturday night when people are leaving the island.

Cafes En Lefko is a modern hangout for young people and those who feel young and the food is very good with lots of choices for breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as some amazing traditional deserts. You can sit outside on the beautiful terrace or inside with nice wooden furniture. They also have a nice bar for drinks and cocktails. It is very popular with locals and the tourists as it has an excellent location right by the sea.

Panorama Zacharaoplastion

This is not really a restaurant but a small taverna with great island atmosphere at the top of Ioulida next to the Piatsa Delapitsa. It is the only place open in the hora for dinner year round so you can usually be assured of good food and a warm island welcome. They serve all kinds of grilled dishes including loukaniko (sausage) and brizoles (beef and pork steaks) along with fried zucchini and eggplant served with sadziki. They also have oven cooked meat and vegetable dishes and many salads.

They also make their own traditional Greek sweets and ice cream which makes them a great place to stop for a desert and some espresso or a drink after dinner. You can even order a whole roasted pig or lamb here for special occasions. They have a variety of wine and drinks both Greek and imported. It can get crowded at night especially on Saturdays in August when they have live music and dancing.

Cafe O Filakias

If you’re a fan of Greek food and like to have the option of eating on the go, this is the place to be. The menu here is extensive and includes a variety of different dishes, from grilled sardines to fried gavros and mussels steamed in wine. In addition, they serve delicious deserts and coffee. This is the perfect place for an afternoon snack, a light dinner or to enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends.

Located just off of the main square in Ioulida, Cafe O Filakias is a fun and playful setting where you can enjoy your drink in a colorful setting. The small number of tables are spread throughout the paved alley and the terrace. Guests can choose to enjoy their drink at the table or take it with them as they continue to explore the town.

The menu here is a good representation of Kea cuisine with lots of fresh seafood and other classics such as kolokithokeftedes (grilled sardines), loukoumades, papousilis biftekia with pepper tomato confit and fresh thyme, and tzatziki with kalamata olives and capers. You can also enjoy a refreshing cocktail and wine to complement your meal.

This taverna on one of the nicest beaches in Kea is usually pretty quiet but it can get lively and loud on Saturday nights in August when they have live jazz music. It was previously owned by Yannis Stefas and he did an amazing job of keeping it true to the Greek way of cooking but it has since changed hands. It’s now run by the same people who own Anna’s in Otzias and they have spiffed it up but kept the great food.

Ioulis House

This place is a bit of a hidden treasure. It is up the hill from the village center near the Lion of Kea and not a lot of tourists make it here for dinner. But this is one of the best restaurants on the island. Chef Vaggelis Marinopoulos has successfully merged whatever they teach you in culinary school with what the people of Kea are used to eating and come up with a menu that is unique on the island. They serve breakfast lunch and dinner as well as drinks. It is best to have a reservation in the summer.

The restaurant is small and intimate. They also have a terrace overlooking the sea which is very nice in the evening. The food is excellent especially their arni lemonato (lamb cooked in lemon) and the moscari kokinisto (beef with tomatoes). Their pastichio pita is also very good. They have a large selection of wines and their deserts are delicious.

This is a great place to have lunch or dinner and is especially nice for sunsets. The service is good and they speak half a dozen languages so don’t be afraid to ask. They have a variety of cooked dishes including some interesting salads and pitas as well as pasta dishes and grilled fish. They have a large menu and the prices are reasonable. The owner is very friendly and helpful.

Margarita’s Restaurant

The Margarita may be the most popular drink for Cinco de Mayo and hot summer nights, but you don’t have to limit it to those occasions. Whether you’re looking for a frozen margarita to cool down or a spicy cucumber one to get you through the winter, here are some of our favorite places to sip them year-round.

The smoky jalapeno and passion fruit margaritas are both great at this authentic cozy Mexican spot in the West Village. The food is delicious too – try the fish tacos or guacamole. They also have an amazing selection of salsas that are great for sharing!

This place is like a tropical getaway without the airfare. You’ll feel at home as soon as you walk in, with palm tree decor and holiday string lights adorning the space. Plus, their menu is full of guacamole and chips for the perfect appetizer. They offer a variety of different margaritas that you can enjoy on the rocks or in a glass.

If you are looking for a great margarita, check out this Queens hotspot that is part music venue and part bowling alley. Their frozen margaritas are amazing, and you can enjoy them while watching a live band or bowling. They also have a variety of different salsas and margarita flavors to choose from. Their guacamole and pomegranate margaritas are also excellent. You will definitely want to stop in and try them out!


Located on the western side of the island of Kea, Koundouros is a hidden gem that boasts crystal-clear waters and secluded beaches. It is the ideal place for visitors who want to relax and unwind in a serene atmosphere. Moreover, the surrounding hills and mountains are home to several hiking trails that offer stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Koundouros is also known for its traditional taverns that serve authentic Greek cuisine. It is also a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, as the rocky coastline is naturally shielded from strong winds.

Koundouros has become one of the most popular destinations on Kea, especially during summer weekends. However, it is less crowded during the rest of the year and offers a more peaceful swimming experience.

The village is small and secluded, and has limited public transportation options. Therefore, it is best to rent a car or scooter to explore the beaches and attractions of Koundouros. In addition, the locals are very friendly and will help you find your way around.