Best Places to Eat in Amorgos

Best Places to eat in Amorgos

Best Places to eat in Amorgos offer mouthwatering Mediterranean dining experiences. Moreover, the island has an impressive selection of bars and quality clubs for nightlife fun!

In Chora, the capital, you can have a delicious homemade meal at Tranzistoraki. Ms Irene, the owner, cooks with her soul! Her dishes are based on local ingredients.


When it comes to food on Amorgos, there is a great choice of dishes that you should try. Start with the traditional Greek fava of Katsouni, which is different from that of Schinoussa and Santorini. It is served as a side dish or in the form of keftedes, fritters made of boiled fava and various ingredients. Also don’t miss out on the kokoretsi, a delicious local lamb delicacy. Moussaka is another must-try dish, which is a layered casserole with meat and vegetables. You will also find a variety of fish dishes, such as grilled octopus and the stuffed squid. In addition, you should try the dolma, which are grape leaves stuffed with meat. Other dishes include fried squid, the traditional lamb chops, and paidakia, which is a lamb stew. The island is also known for its soups, such as chicken avgolemono and kakavia.

Taverns are a big part of the Amorgian culture, and you will find plenty of them on the island. Most of them are run by families that have been serving the same dishes for generations. You can enjoy delicious local dishes at a reasonable price.

The taverns in the village of Katapola are especially popular. They are surrounded by lush vegetation and offer fantastic views of the Aegean Sea. Some of them are also close to the port, making it convenient to grab a bite while you wait for your ferry to arrive.

In Aegiali, you can find a number of taverns that serve authentic Amorgian cuisine. The taverns are usually family-owned and have a relaxed atmosphere. They serve seafood and local wines, as well as a range of homemade desserts. You can also try the xerotigana, a sweet pastry involving phyllo dough and sesame seeds.

Chora is one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades. Its narrow streets are lined with fully bloomed bougainvilleas and jasmines, creating a majestic landscape that enchants visitors. Its inhabitants are famous for their strong sense of hospitality. The imposing Agioi Anargyroi Church is the focal point of the village. The best time to visit is in summer, when the weather is warm and dry.


The island of Amorgos is not a typical nightlife destination like the other Cyclades islands, but it has a lot to offer when it comes to restaurants and taverns. Its cuisine is based on traditional Mediterranean dishes, which you should definitely try during your vacation! If you are looking for a restaurant that has both the charm of a local place and the flavors of a modern culinary experience, then you should visit Kathodon. The food is delicious and the service is excellent.

The restaurant is located in the capital of Amorgos, Chora. Its owner is Leonidas Moumouris from Piraeus and he wanted to create a restaurant that would be the yukali of Amorgos, which Kurt Weil – the famous literary collaborator with Brecht – envisioned in his poem “the land of our desires”. Leonidas respects the local ingredients – the biggest goat breeder on the island claims he cooks the best goat here! He adds his own interpretation to the recipes he uses, incorporating new Greek creative cuisine and even some international tastes.

On the menu you will find many great choices of meat. For example, dolma – a dish made of grape leaves stuffed with meat – is a must-try. Also, don’t miss the mouthwatering moussaka – a layered dish of minced meat, eggplants and potatoes with bechamel sauce. For a lighter meal, don’t forget to order kokoretsi, a lamb delicacy, pastitsio, and loukanika, which is tasty local sausages.

The dishes at this tavern are very affordable and the atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing lunch or dinner. The owners are very kind and the service is excellent. You can enjoy your meals with the view of the sea. This restaurant is located next to the church of Agios Georgios and it is an excellent choice for a quiet meal in the heart of Amorgos.

The beach of Amorgos is not as good as the beaches on other Cyclades islands, but it has its own beauty. It has crystal clear water and a wonderful sandy shore. It is the ideal place for families with children, who can enjoy the sea breeze and swim without the risk of shark attacks.


In the taverns on Amorgos, the food is mainly homemade. Moreover, it is fresh and always well cooked. The local cuisine is rich in meat dishes like dolma (vine leaves stuffed with meat), stifado, lamb chops, and loukanika, as well as delicious soups such as chicken avgolemono, kakavia, revithia, and more.

The island’s long tradition of livestock farming is reflected in the cuisine as well, with goat and sheep meat being especially popular. The meat is used in dishes such as patatato, which is a stew of goat or lamb with potatoes and red sauce, or in the traditional roasted Brilliant (goat or lamb stuffed with rice and roasted entrails). There are also many cheeses produced locally: the hard and salty Melipasto, the creamy Graviera, and the soft, milky Myzithra.

Fish dishes are also served in psarotaverns, and oysters, mussels, octopuses, and squids are particularly popular. However, one should be careful when ordering fish as the menus often display the price per kilo and not per portion. Also, if the dish contains *>>, kat>>, or k>> indications, it is likely that the fish has been imported and not cooked on the island.

There are a few upscale restaurants on the island, but most of them are family-run. Tranzistoraki is located at a picturesque spot in the center of Amorgos Town and serves traditional Greek dishes. Kathodon is a charming cafe bar in the heart of Chora and offers delicious Greek dishes, always made with high quality ingredients. Fotodotis is a kafeneio that has big terraces with spectacular views to Aegiali and serves excellent value meals.

For an authentic experience, visit the kafeneios in villages and small towns. Here, you can enjoy the local rakomelo, a strong anise-flavored spirit. In addition, a number of traditional desserts and other beverages are also available in these taverns. Besides, these taverns offer a good selection of wines and beers. Many taverns have live music as well. Some even have dance floors. They are great for a night out with friends. They are also a perfect place to meet locals.


If you’re a foodie, there is no better place to eat in Amorgos than in the best local restaurants. Whether in Katapola, Hora or the island’s traditional settlements and villages, you will discover many charming taverns that offer a wide range of mouth-watering Greek dishes. The far easternmost of the Cyclades, Amorgos is a stunning island with dramatic landscapes and a rich culture.

The local cuisine is influenced by the Greek mainland and Mediterranean, with an emphasis on fresh seafood. In addition to traditional Greek dishes like souvlaki, stifado and moussaka, Amorgos also has some unique local specialities such as the chorta – a dish made from grated fennel, mashed potatoes and olive oil, or the kavourma omelette – which is stuffed with cheese and pork.

Among the best places to eat in Amorgos is Prekas, the oldest fish tavern on the island. This tavern has been open since 1920, and its original owner’s granddaughter now manages it. The patterned floor, interior wall color and collection of retsina jugs remain unchanged, and the food is just as good as it was when the tavern first opened its doors. Crunchy whitefish and grilled octopus are particularly popular choices.

Another great spot for seafood is Platia, which is a small tavern near the port of Katapola. The food is excellent and the price is very reasonable. The tavern has a lovely atmosphere and is perfect for families with children.

The main town of Amorgos, Katapola, has a number of fine restaurants that serve the finest dishes of Greek cuisine. They are located in a magnificent setting with spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and the picturesque mountainous scenery. They also have an extensive selection of wines and other beverages.

The best time to visit Amorgos is during the summer, when the temperatures are warm and comfortable. However, the spring and autumn are both beautiful times to visit as well. The weather is milder, the prices are lower and there is still plenty to do on the island. There are fewer tourists, and you can enjoy some peace and quiet on the beaches and in the taverns.