Best Places to Eat in Amorgos

Best Places to eat in Amorgos

The best places to eat in Amorgos are hidden away among the clifftop villages. You won’t find many taxis and the tarmac road didn’t reach Kato Meria in the south until the 1990s.

In the kafeneios, part grocery stores and cafes, men still gather after church to play backgammon and drink raki, the island firewater.

Nissi Cafe Restaurant

Nissi is a Mexican eatery that offers flavorful meals. They are also known for their good coffee. This place has been rated by customers as high quality and affordable. This restaurant serves a wide range of food and beverages including flavorsome chicken and pupusas. Its menu features a variety of Mexican dishes, including tacos and flautas. They use soy proteins to make their delicious meals.

They also offer small bites like Bavarian soft pretzel sticks and old style deviled eggs. The entrées include fish tacos, grilled teriyaki salmon and the house burger. They can also prepare gluten free orders upon request. The restaurant also hosts live music and other entertainment. It is a great place to enjoy a night out with friends or family.


When you stay at Liotrivi Boutique you can enjoy a buffet snack of stone-baked bread, feta cheese and olives, and locally produced wine straight from the mansion’s barrels. This is the ideal way to prepare for a tour of the old mansion, which was home to a family who cultivated the famous Malvazia wine.

After a tour of the living quarters, you can sample wines in the wine cellar. Then you can stroll around the vineyards and the olive groves, which are full of centuries-old trees. You can also purchase locally produced olive oil and wine at the on-site shop.

You can dine at the on-site restaurant, which serves Greek cuisine made with locally sourced organic ingredients. Room service is also available.

The hotel specializes in “0 km” ingredients, which means that chefs use only produce grown less than a mile away. Guests can request dishes tailored to their specific dietary needs, such as vegetarian and vegan options.

The property is about a 1-hour drive from Sparta, Kastania Caves and Elafonisos. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Monemvasia Castle is within 10 km of the hotel. The staff at the 24-hour reception can offer recommendations for local restaurants and attractions. They can also arrange a shuttle (surcharge) to help you get around. Free parking is available on site. Guests can also book tours and sightseeing trips to the surrounding area.


Whether or not the actual King Minos of Crete existed, he certainly left an impression on Greek culture and mythology. He was a powerful and benevolent leader who ruled during what we now know as the Minoan Civilization. During this time, he created an extensive code of laws and established his reputation as a military strategist. He also had a strong connection to the gods and used his navy to stop pirates in the Aegean Sea.

He married Pasiphae, the daughter of the Sun God Helios. She bore him several children, including the athlete Androgeus, the labyrinth keeper Ariadne, and the hunter Deucalion. Her son, Theseus, was a famous hero who slayed the monster Minotaur in Crete. Minos punished the people of Athens every year by sending them into the labyrinth in revenge for the death of Androgeus.

Eventually, the mighty King Minos would become one of the judges of the dead in Hades. He joined his brother Rhadamanthys and half-brother Aeacus in this role, judging souls in the Circles of Hell. Even though he was a god, he was considered a good judge because of his fair and unbiased rulings. This is why many legal scholars consider his code to be an important influencing factor for modern laws.


In a cute alley in the heart of Chora, Tranzistoraki Taverna welcomes diners to indulge in an exceptional gastronomic journey. Family-run, the restaurant offers authentic Greek plates with a modern Amorgian twist. We began our culinary adventure with an inspiring Baby Spinach Salad adorned with delicate phyllo sheets, sesame, and dill oil, setting the tone for the unique flavors that awaited.

The coastal haven of Aegiali is a secluded oasis in the northern part of the island, boasting beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. The shallow, gentle waves make the sea a paradise for swimmers and snorkelers alike. During a visit, you can also relax at the beach cafe, which offers the comfort of chaises and umbrellas for rent.

As you head back to the mainland, don’t miss the chance to explore the island’s dramatic mountain scenery. The soaring peaks aren’t just a geographical feature but an intrinsic part of Amorgos’ soul, and they offer awe-inspiring vistas throughout your journey. The island’s rocky terrain is also home to a variety of exotic plants and wildlife, including the island’s famous mountain goats, which gracefully traverse the steep cliffs.

Take a break from your cruise and enjoy a refreshing cold lemonade or homemade Greek coffee at Kathodon, or taste the genuine tradition of Amorgos at Tranzistoraki. Then, satisfy your sweet tooth with a delectable dessert at Kallisto. These are just a few of the many restaurants to discover in Amorgos, a place that will make your yacht charter in Greece truly unforgettable.


The food in Kathodon is authentic and traditional Greek. They serve dishes like stifado, souvlaki, and moussaka and use high-quality meats. The restaurant also serves a variety of seafood, including octopus and lobster. Their prices are reasonable and the portions are generous. They also have a good selection of drinks.

While the island of Amorgos may not be as glamorous as its neighbors, it still has a lot to offer. It is a great place to enjoy a relaxing getaway, away from the crowds and noise of the other Greek islands. The island’s natural beauty and breathtaking scenery will enchant you.

A driving tour around Amorgos is like going along the spine of a giant that’s made from rock. You’ll be amazed at the views of the big blue sea and mountaintops that play hide and seek with the clouds.

Liotrivi is a traditional, stone-built restaurant in Amorgos Town that has excellent view of the Aegean Sea and the mountainous landscape. It is a good place for lunch, dinner, and drinks. It is one of the best restaurants in Amorgos for its food, atmosphere, and service. You can also try their wine and cocktails. It is a great place to spend your evenings with friends.


One of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades, Amorgos is a place with an impressive wild geography. It’s also a land of unspoiled traditions. It’s not the kind of Greek island that is overrun with tourists and this only enhances its charm. The main port of Amorgos is Katapola where the streets are filled with white windmills and narrow houses. You can stroll around the capital of Hora and marvel at its medieval castle.

There are a lot of excellent places to eat in Amorgos. You can visit Groova which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers a great variety of vegetarian options. You can also try their falafel and other Middle Eastern cuisines.

Another excellent place to eat on Amorgos is Tranzistoraki, which offers traditional Greek food. Its dishes are made using only high-quality ingredients. The food here is delicious and affordable. You can also try their feta salad, which is very popular.

The best time to visit Amorgos is during the summer, when temperatures are warm and there’s plenty of good beach and swimming weather. But spring and autumn are also pleasant times to go, with lower temperatures and cheaper prices. The island’s 16 neighbouring islets, including the rocky Nikouria and Tholaria, are also worth exploring. They’re a wonderful alternative to the main island and have their own unique charms. There are many secluded beaches to discover, such as Agios Pavlos Beach which is a mix of sand and pebbles.