Best Beaches in Schoinoussa

Best Beaches in Schoinoussa are outside urban areas and often in a natural setting. They may not be convenient for all categories of travelers but offer extra points due to their amazing natural beauty.

The island has a lot of beautiful beaches that have the typical golden coloured fine sand and crystal clear water. All are within walking distance from the village and some are fairly protected from strong winds.


Schinoussa is a tranquil little island that casts a magic spell on all who visit. It isn’t about wild clubbing scenes at crazy early morning hours but about tranquil evenings under a full moon, amazing sunsets and contact with warm hospitable people.

The beaches are a pure delight, they have golden coloured fine sand and crystal clear waters. The seabed is exceptionally wealthy making Schinoussa ideal for snorkeling and spear fishing.

Most beaches are within walking distance from Chora (the capital of the island). Those who prefer more privacy should consider staying in Armonia by Grispos villas, located very close to Tsigouri beach. This is one of the best accommodation options on the island. It also offers a pool.

Psili Amos

In the north of the island you’ll find Psili Amos beach, a fine-grained sandy beach cut by tamarisk trees. It’s protected from northern winds, so it’s popular but never feels crowded.

You reach it by walking north from Messaria until you see the signpost to the east. It’s a 30-45 minutes walk from Chora and, during the main season, there are a few taverns along the way.

Schinoussa’s beaches may not be as paradisiacal as those on Koufonisi, but they’re still perfect for spending a day unplugged. Moreover, they’re child-friendly, which is great news for families. Another thing that makes spending a holiday on this tiny island special is the food. You’ll find fresh local products in the mini markets and in most tavernas. A particular favourite is fava (yellow split pea), which is widely available and served in all restaurants. It’s a must-try.


To the south of Tsigouri there’s a very small beach called Lioliou, and a few hundred meters further north is another tiny beach called Bazeou. They’re both very nice sandy beaches with lovely bottom and crystal clear waters. On the main season these beaches are often very crowded, as they’re close to the port and there’s a tavern above.

Lioliou is also a nice beach to visit on windy days, as it has capes on both sides that provide some shadow. It’s a little bit less beautiful than the other beaches of Schoinoussa, but it is still a good option to visit if you want to avoid big crowds.

Overall, Schinoussa has about fifteen nice beaches to choose from. Although they are not as fantastic as the ones on Koufonissi, you should definitely take a look to discover them! These beaches are perfect for a relaxing holiday, as they have soft sand and crystal-clear water.


Located at the port of Mersini, this picturesque little waterfront has wonderful fine sand and crystalline waters which are well protected from north winds. It is however crowded during peak season because it is the harbor beach.

Besides the aforementioned beaches, there are more that you can visit on foot from Chora such as Psili Amos and Lioliou. You can also find secluded spots such as the beach of Almyros, which is a bit further south and more exposed to north eastern winds. It has a beautiful rocky seabed that is great for snorkeling and spear fishing.

It would be unfair to compare the beaches of Schinoussa with those on Koufonissi, but they are definitely lovely. Moreover, the fact that they are not as paradisiacal does not mean that they are not child-friendly. If they were, the island would be invaded by throngs of tourists and lose its rustic charm.