The Best Beaches in Tinos

best beaches in Tinos

Tinos is a stunning island with a wide variety of beaches to choose from. You can choose from secluded, romantic, family-friendly, and even hike-accessible beaches. These beaches are the perfect places for a relaxing, family vacation, romantic gateway, or even a relaxing getaway. Read on to find out about some of the best beaches in Tinos and where to find them.


In Kardiani, the wide sandy beach features clear blue waters. Several trees shade the shoreline and several beach bars are available. The area is popular for its water sports, and it is easily accessible by car. The nearby Kolymbithres beach is another great option for a day out. Located at the south of Tinos, it is a popular choice with wave surfers.

O Ntinos is an excellent place to enjoy the view of the sea and enjoy fresh, tasty seafood. You can also dine at “Katoi” in Smardakito and at “Svoura” in Komi. Both of these restaurants are located in picturesque squares. The name of this restaurant translates to “salt-like”, and you can taste the salty fish soup at either location.


If you love to swim, Mikri is one of the best beaches on Tinos. You can enjoy the crystal-clear waters, or go on a scuba dive, or just relax on one of the many pebbled beaches. Those who love to surf can try their luck at Agios Fokas and Kolymbithra beaches. Another great surfing spot is Livada. The island is also home to some of the finest religious art in the Aegean.

The island is also known for its beautiful beaches, including Kalivia and Giannaki, which are both located below Kardiani. Other beautiful beaches include Santa Margarita, which has clear water and a white sandy beach. You can even learn to surf while on vacation in Tinos!

Megali Ammos

If you want to unwind at a beach without the crowds, Megali Ammos is one of the most beautiful places on Tinos. This secluded beach is sheltered from the northern winds and has jade-green water and semolina sand. Facilities include umbrellas, deck chairs, and tavernas.

The beach is wide and has crystal-clear water. There is also beach service, a beach bar, and tamarisk trees that shade the area. Another popular beach is Kolymbithres, a two-part complex of beaches, Mikri Ammos and Megali Ammos. Megali Ammos is a popular beach for families. It’s less crowded and is good for water sports.


Livada is a small, exotic beach on the east coast of Tinos. The road to get there used to be very bad, but it has since been paved and made it possible to drive there. The area surrounding the beach is also very picturesque, and the rocks sticking out of the water are a visual oddity to behold. The water is also extra clear, making it an ideal spot for snorkelling.

Livada Beach is a hidden gem on the island, surrounded by tamarisk trees and a stream that spills into the sea. The water here is very cool and refreshing, making it perfect for families. Moreover, there are plenty of tamarisk trees for shade. And from the beach, you can see Mykonos in the distance. On the other hand, if you want to get away from the crowds, Livada is the beach for you. It is a secluded beach with no facilities, but has a wonderful natural landscape and a small tavern.

Panormous Beach

The south-facing Panoramic Beach on Tinos is a popular spot for families. This 3.5 km stretch of beach is unspoiled by wind and is also easily accessible from the main town of Tinos. Its sand is soft and fluffy, and there are deckchairs and volleyball nets for your enjoyment.

A visit to this beautiful beach will not be complete without a visit to Kavarourko, the island’s sister beach. The waters here are clear, and the sand is soft and smooth. You can even swim from here to the nearby island of Planitis. The drive to this unspoiled spot from the main town of Tinos is a beautiful one!

Elena Studios

Elena Studios Tinos is located in the heart of the island, just 5 minutes walk from the town center and 9 minutes from the beach. The studios have a fully equipped kitchenette and a private patio. There is also a restaurant on site. You can enjoy your meal on the patio or in the outdoor bar. The property is also close to the bus stop.

If you don’t want to leave your Elena Studios, consider staying at one of the other Tinos accommodations. You’ll have access to many of the island’s best beaches, including Livada Beach, Santa Margarita Beach, and Pachia Ammos. You can also check out the Megali Kolibithra beach, which is popular among surfers. Another beach that’s good for families is Laouti, which is kid-friendly.