The Best Beaches in Salamis

best beaches in Salamis

Salamis is the largest Greek island in the Saronic Gulf, located only two kilometres from the mainland. The island’s chief city is Salamina, which lies on the Salamis Bay. The Saronic Gulf opens up from the bay. During the summer, this bay has many excellent beaches.

Iliakti/Tourkoli mano beach

Located on the Greek Islands, Iliakti/Tourkoli Mano Beach is a small but beautiful beach, with a snack bar and beach beds for visitors to enjoy. The beach is well protected from the wind and is free of sea urchins. This secluded beach is ideal for families, but it can become quite crowded during summer months.

There are several ways to get to Iliakti/Tourkoli Mano Beach. A taxi costs 35 euros and you can also take a boat to Selinia. However, the last boat leaves at 6pm. You will also need a car or other means of transport.

Iliakti/Tourkoli Mano is a small beach in the northern part of Salamis. It is located next to the Bekris boatyards. It has a beautiful view of the sea and a small church.

Kanakia beach

Kanakia Beach is situated in the south of Salamis and can be reached easily after a day of hiking in the Mycenean archaeological site. There is a tavern at the end of the beach that serves Greek salad. A short drive away is the 18th-century windmill village of Agios Nikolaos, which overlooks the bay. It is surrounded by pine trees and has wonderful views of the Saronic sea.

During the high season, the beach is moderately crowded, but it’s still a great place to relax and enjoy the views. The only thing to avoid is the lack of food and drink on the beach, but the restaurants are located nearby. One of the closest restaurants is 200 metres away, and there are 26 places to stay near the beach.

In addition to the beach, there are ruins of ancient cities. In the Mycenaean era, the capital of the city was known as Kychria, which was mentioned on an inscription. Since then, researchers have been looking into this ancient city.

Selinia beach

If you are looking for a nice beach town near Piraeus, then Selinia is the right place for you. This town has several restaurants, and the beach is long and sandy. You can also get seafood here. There are a number of golf resorts and special themed hotels, as well.

Selinia is a small town about 15 minutes away from Salamina town. It retains a certain aura of old-world glamour, with nice-looking mansions and houses. The town’s cathedral dominates the town’s seaside. The weather in Selinia is warm, and the humidity level is low.

Although this town is not the best for vacations, Athenians have holiday homes here. Although it may not be as convenient as other Greek beaches, the scenery is stunning. You can hear the waves gently crashing in the water and enjoy the serene atmosphere. The beaches are located on the south side of the island. The sand here is soft and green, and there are many trees for shade.