The Best Beaches in Salamis

best beaches in Salamis

Iliakti/Tourkolimano Beach

Iliakti/Tourkoli mano beach in Salamis is a beautiful beach with a variety of attractions, including an archaeological museum, a small church, and horse riding. There is also a small cafe with a breathtaking view of the sea.

The Iliakti/Tourkoli mano Beach is situated in a sheltered bay. It is connected to the city by a long causeway that protects the harbor. There are numerous ferries that run between the town and the nearby town of Salamina. The journey takes about fifteen minutes. The public transport is not particularly good, and the port itself is not very impressive.

Iliakti/Tourkoli mano beach is covered by pebbles. There are also several summer houses along the beach. The sea is turquoise and the water is beautiful.

Psili Ammos Psili Ammos

Psili Ammos is a small settlement on Salamis Island that has great sand. It is situated on the northwest part of the island and is adjacent to the town of Elefsina. In addition, it is home to the oldest landmark on the island – a chantry dedicated to Saint Gregory. Also in the northwest of the island is the small village of Steno. The roads in the area are well-planned and wide.

If you want to visit Salamis Island, you can take a short ferry from Piraeus. It takes about 15 minutes to get to Salamis from the Piraeus port. You can spend a day on the island. You can also explore the nearby islands of Aegina, Spetses, and Hydra. Another attraction in Salamis is the ancient city of Salamis.

Vasilika Vasilika

Vasilika is one of the largest villages on the island, with a population of 4,264. This beach is ideal for swimming and has a long sandy beach. Another village on the island is Xeno, which is only 786 residents, and is located to the north. Despite its location, it has one of the cleanest beaches in Salamis, and is close to the Cave of Euripides.

The southern side of the island is the most popular, with sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Other popular beaches include Peristeria, which has organized beach services and good tavernas. Kaki Vigla, on the north shore, is another organized beach. It is also a popular spot for young people. It features intense blue waters and is also home to two organized Municipal Beaches.

Fanaromeni Monastery

The southern beaches of Salamis are less developed and more clean than the northern ones. They also tend to be quieter and less crowded than the rest of the island. The Fanaromeni Monastery, which has beautiful frescoes, is located in Fanaromeni. You can also enjoy the fine sand beach, Psili Ammos, in the northwest of the island, opposite the town of Elefsina. This beach also has a small church and a family-owned fish tavern.

Located on the western part of the island, the Fanaromeni Monastery is a place of great religious significance. The monastery is the site of many important religious icons and paintings from the 17th century. It is also home to one of the biggest local celebrations, the Panigiri festival.