The Best Beaches in Kasos

best beaches in Kasos

Kasos is an island in Greece that is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are many places to go on the island, but the best beaches in Kasos are not always the most popular. While the beaches on the northern side of the island are very popular, those on the southern side are relatively secluded. Several of these islands are considered secret beaches, so they are not easily accessible by car.

Exi Ekklisies beach

Exi Ekklisies beach in the Greek island of Kasos has beautiful turquoise waters and fine golden sand. This secluded beach is just four kilometers from the town of Fry. Its amenities include a cafe/resto and beach volley field. This beach is a perfect place to watch the sunset.

The best way to get to Exi Ekklisies beach in the Kasos is by ferry. The ferry service from Kasos Town to Exi Ekklisies is available daily. The journey takes around an hour. Alternatively, you can take a taxi to the village.

The island is home to more than 100 churches. The most famous place on the island is the church of Saint Spyridonas, the patron saint of the island. You can also visit Agia Kyriaki, a picturesque bay where you can see the sunset. Another place to visit is Exi Ekklisies, a rocky outcrop near the village of Agia Marina. It has a legend that it was built to drive away unruly spirits.

Katarti beach

If you’re planning to spend your next vacation on the Greek island of Kasos, you’ll want to find a place that will suit your needs. If you like fishing, Katarti beach may be the right place for you. Its pebbled shoreline and deep blue water make for a great day out on the water. The beach is also protected from strong winds by high cliffs that are extensions of a seaside gorge. These cliffs are also a pleasant source of shade during the day. Katarti beach’s name comes from a nearby high boulder, but some locals call it Arkouda Beach because of the rocks that line the water.

If you’re looking for a more isolated experience, Kasos offers a few more beaches that are off the beaten path. Chelatros beach is one of the most remote, located thirteen kilometers south of the capital. There are no facilities on the beach, but you’ll likely be able to find a spot to lay out on the pebbled seabed in the mornings and afternoons. This undeveloped beach is also home to a natural harbour.

Ompata beach

If you’re looking for a secluded beach to escape the heat of the summer, Kasos has plenty of options. Its beaches range from pebble-covered shores to pristine stretches of sand that are easily accessible via boat or sailboat. Some of the islands beaches are even accessible by foot or by car. For those who like to walk, you’ll find the island’s famous Ompata beach to be a wonderful option.

If you’re looking for a more remote beach, Kasos’ Helatros beach is off the beaten path. This sandy stretch of the island, surrounded by imposing rock formations, was once a shelter for Minoan ships. Despite its remote location, it boasts a soft pebble seabed and clear, sparkling waters.

Troutsoula beach

Troutsoula beach is located on the southern tip of Kasos, and is known locally for being a fishing haven. Local shepherds also call this beach Fantasy beach, and it’s characterized by rock formations that rise from the seabed. Troutsoula is only accessible by boat, and is also very rocky.

The southern part of Kasos features a beautiful beach with turquoise waters. It’s believed to have been used by the Minoans, and the rock formations that surround the shoreline make for a scenic backdrop. You may not find much infrastructure along the shoreline, but the pebbled seabed and clear, sparkling waters will make you feel at peace and quiet.

The island is home to a small family hotel and other small, full-service apartments that blend in with the surrounding scenery. The accommodation here is largely geared toward travelers who are seeking a traditional experience and want to feel like a local.

Helatros beach

Helatros beach in Kasos is a hidden gem and secluded cove. Situated on the southwest side of the island, it is protected by rock formations that once served as safe harbors for Minoan ships. This beautiful cove has a pebbled seabed and turquoise water.

The south side of Kasos boasts the beautiful Helatros beach, which is popular with windsurfers. The beach is relatively unorganized and isolated. Another great beach in Kasos is Marmaria, which is on the nearby island of Armathia. It is accessible by boat only. The island of Kasos hosts many religious and cultural festivals and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. These celebrations are marked by traditional feasts and music.

Kasos also has several other beaches. The most remote, Helatros beach, is thirteen kilometers from the capital city. It is a sandy beach with large pebbles and small rocks. No facilities are available at this beach, but it is popular with windsurfers.