The Best Beaches in Kalymnos

best beaches in Kalymnos

If you’re looking for a beach in Greece that’s worth a visit, you might want to check out Kalymnos. This island is located in the southeastern Aegean Sea and is part of the Dodecanese island group. It’s only about two to three hours by sea from Rhodes.

Platis Yialos

Platis Yialos is one of Kalymnos’s most beautiful beaches. Situated near the town of Parnomos, it offers crystal-clear waters and soft black sand. This is a perfect destination for families, with its peaceful atmosphere and picturesque sunsets. Platis Yialos is easily accessible by bus from Pothia.

There are some great places to stay along Platis Yialos. There is a beach bar, 153 places to stay, and a parking lot. However, the parking lot is not large and can get very crowded during high season. Nevertheless, it’s less than 100 metres away from the beach.

Kalymnos has a rich nightlife. While it is not a party island, it is packed with cafes and bars. You can find them around the waterfront, and in the village of Pothia. Most of them offer food and drink, and you can often find live bands or DJs.


The island of Kalymnos has a beautiful coastline. The beaches are surrounded by lush greenery. Near the inlet of the sea, the waters become emerald. The fjord walls and citrus plantations make for an inspiring landscape. In addition to its beautiful beaches, the island also boasts a museum and archaeological site.

Myrties and Massouri are the main tourist hubs on the island. They offer a variety of accommodations, shops, and restaurants. The landscapes and sea views are amazing, and the towns are also known for their nightlife. The beaches are open throughout the year, and free-climbing is popular here in winter.

Located in the northwest of the island, Myrties is the perfect place to relax. Its pebbly surface and clear water make it the ideal destination for swimming and sunbathing. The beach settlement offers many cafes and tavernas.


If you want to spend a few days on a quiet beach, then Akti may be the best place to go. The beautiful bay is surrounded by steep cliffs and has a calm sea. It is known for its fresh fish, squid, and other seafood. This beautiful bay is located on the east side of Kalymnos. Akti beach has fine sand and crystal-clear waters.

There are several other beautiful beaches on Kalymnos. Kantouni, Myrties, and Panormos are some of the most popular. For children, there is Vlychadia beach. For those who love to climb, there are also some cliffs nearby. In addition to the beaches, the island has several beaches that are suitable for swimming. Some of the best are located on the island’s east and north coasts.

The island is full of cafes and bars. Many are located on the waterfront or on the beaches around Myrties. These cafes are open all day and serve food. In the summer, many stay open late.

Mikres Almyres

If you’re looking for a beautiful beach to relax on, try Mikres Almyres on the east side of the island. It has fine pebbles mixed in with the sand, and the water is clear and beautiful. There are a couple of trees on the beach that offer shade. This is a great beach for families and couples who love the outdoors. However, you’ll need a boat to get there, so it’s best to pack plenty of water and other amenities.

There are a lot of beaches on Kalymnos, so be sure to spend some time on one or more. The most popular ones include Kantouni, Linaria, Platy Gialos, and Myrties. If you want to stay on the island, you can also “fly” to the smaller island of Pserimos.

Another great beach on the island is the beautiful Perissa Beach. It is one of the few beaches in Greece that has been preserved in its natural splendor. This beach offers an unforgettable experience for beachgoers.