The Best Beaches in Ithaca, Greece

best beaches in Ithaca

This Greek island is off the northeast coast of Kefalonia, to the west of continental Greece. Its white-sand beaches and turquoise water are perfect for a day at the beach. The most popular beaches on the island are Platia Ammos, Polis, and Kourvoulia.

Platia Ammos

One of the most beautiful and exotic beaches in Ithaca is Platia Ammos. Located in the northern part of the island, it is a pristine stretch of fine white sand and crystal clear waters. A boat ride from Vathi will get you to this remote location. You will find this spot surrounded by tamarisk trees and enjoy the serenity of being on an island.

There are many beautiful beaches in Ithaca, most of which are pebbled, but there are some that are sandy. Each of them are surrounded by breathtaking scenery and crystal clear warm waters. Several popular beaches in the island include Filiatro Beach, Gidaki Beach, and Loutsa Beach. The Platia Ammos beach is the most picturesque and is accessible only by boat.

The archaeological site of Platrithias was only recently opened to the public, but it is a beautiful spot to explore. This is also a great spot to see Mediterranean monk seals. There are also several small villages in and around this area that are worth visiting.

Kioni is a traditional village on the island. The houses descend to the sea and make for a beautiful backdrop for photos. This is another location that is one of the best beaches in Ithaca. The beautiful emerald green waters of Kioni are perfect for swimming. The village is also one of the most Instagrammable locations in Ithaca.


There are a few great beaches on the Greek island of Ithaca. Polis Beach is one of the best known. This undeveloped, pebbled beach is home to a small fishing port, and its clear turquoise water is perfect for snorkelling. To the north of the beach is the Loizos Cave, an ancient worship site. To the south, there is the church of Agios Andreas.

Polis Beach is located on a bay that is home to several boats. The pebbled beach is a great place for a relaxing holiday. The waters are shallow, making it safe for swimming. There is also a small restaurant at the beach. The restaurant serves local cuisine and offers a great view of the water.

You can paddle from Frikes on the east coast of the island to Polis beach on the west. Be aware of the strong north-west winds during the summer months, and be careful when disembarking. Nevertheless, if you want to paddle on Ithaca’s beautiful beaches, Polis is the place to do it.

Ithaca Island has 73 beaches. Fortunately, most of them are located within towns. City beaches are often more developed and equipped, but still offer beautiful scenery. A beach is synonymous with relaxation, calm rest, and the soothing sound of waves. Luckily, the island is home to a variety of different types of beaches, and this article highlights a few of the most popular ones.


Kourvoulia is the busiest beach on Ithaca, with a turquoise blue sea and plenty of water sports available. This area has great views and is easily accessible by boat. The beach is organized with pebbles, and offers both shade and water sports.

Kourvoulia is the perfect beach for families and couples looking for a little quiet time. It is also the only west coast beach on Ithaca, and is unspoiled, with shingle and pebbles. It’s also surrounded by a lush landscape of cypress and olive trees, providing a touch of natural shade and a view of the turquoise-green water.

Another excellent beach is Gidaki, located on the southern coast of Ithaca. The beach is surrounded by lush vegetation and is organized, with a beach bar. The beach is accessible by boat or foot, and is well worth a visit.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax, Kourvoulia is a great choice. This small island doesn’t have a big nightlife, and is not overly crowded with tourists. The quiet, serene beaches are perfect for taking a long walk or simply going for a swim in the clear emerald waters.

There are plenty of parking options near the Kourvoulia beach. The beach itself isn’t large, but it’s still one of the best in the island. It’s less than 100 meters away from the parking lot. The beach is also close to four attractions. If you are looking for a spot for your family to relax on the beach, it’s a great place to stay.