The Best Beaches in Chios

best beaches in Chios

One of the top places to visit in Chios is one of its beaches. There are many to choose from, including Karfas, Elinta, Trachilia, Didima, and Didimos. Each has its own charm and a variety of activities to keep tourists entertained.


Karfas is a beautiful beach, located about 7 km south of Chios. It is well organized and perfect for sunbathing and water sports. It is located in a bay that is surrounded by pine trees. The sea water is crystal clear and it is ideal for families.

This beautiful beach has a beautiful, wild landscape and is located near the Pyrgi village. It has light turquoise water and a thick sand bed. You can enjoy the natural shade provided by the trees. There is also a beach bar here.

There are several different types of beaches in Chios. There are organized, long stretches of beach and smaller pebble coves. You can take a bus to the popular beaches or hire a car to discover the more unspoilt beaches. Karfas beach is the most popular beach on the island and has plenty of facilities for visitors. There are hotels, apartments and tavernas in Karfas, and there are also many tourist souvenir and gift shops.


There are many great beaches on the island of Chios, but few of them are as beautiful as Trachilia. It’s a 45-minute drive from the town of Chora, and there are many options for getting there. Depending on your budget and your transportation needs, you can opt to take a car or take a cab. If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, you can take a walk along the narrow paths to the beach.

In Trachilia, you’ll find a pebbly beach that is separated from the main village by a small strip of land. It’s the perfect place to relax away from the bustling crowd. The waters are clear and the sand is soft and pristine. It’s a great place to take a dip, or just enjoy the view of fishing boats in the distance.


Didima is a small, secluded cove on the southern coast of Chios. It is 32 km south of Chios Town and is completely surrounded by the island’s natural landscape. Although it is a remote location, Didima offers the kind of quiet and tranquility that makes it one of the best beaches in Chios.

Chios is home to some of the best beaches in Greece. There are organized beaches and unorganized ones. The island’s beaches are perfect for families and water sports enthusiasts. Some are quiet and secluded, while others are bustling with activity. There is something for everyone on Chios, and the island is a wonderful destination year-round.

Didima beach is a picturesque bay with clear water. You can swim right off the sand in the shallows. The water is incredibly clear and ideal for snorkeling. Didima is located in the south of the island, which is known for its pristine beaches and Mastic Villages.


Chios is an Aegean island famous for its mastic villages and beaches. The beaches are adorned with thick layers of sand and turquoise water. This unique landscape makes it a perfect location for sunbathing, swimming and beach sports.

Giali beach is a small pebbly beach located on the southern coast of the island. It is accessible by either car or boat. The pebbles here are large and white. Although a remote beach, Giali is worth a visit. However, it does lack facilities and is not suitable for those with limited mobility.

The beach is a beautiful cove that is near the town of Lithi. The pebbles are smooth and made of lava from a nearby volcano. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear water here. There are two tavernas on the beach.