The Best Beaches in Astypalaia

best beaches in Astypalaia

When visiting Astypalaia, there are several beaches to choose from. There is Streno beach, which is organized and the shallowest one in the area. Another option is Small Steno beach, which is home to a picturesque church. A few hundred meters from Chora are Melograno Villas.

Tzanaki Beach

The Tzanaki Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Crete. This pebbled beach is located 3km north of the town of Astypalaia. The beach is very isolated and is ideal for nudists and nature lovers. It also has a small taverna that is open during summer.

The small, fishing village of Agios Andreas is located to the north of the village. It also houses the new port of Astypalaia, which serves other islands in the Dodecanese Sea and Piraeus. It’s possible to access the beach from the village over a dirt road. Aside from the beach, there are also numerous ancient ruins and interesting caves. The island’s wild landscapes give it a Cycladian feel.

There are three beaches on the island, including Tzanaki Beach, which is close to the tourist village of Livadia. Tzanaki Beach is an isolated beach, but it is protected from the wind by a small bay and is ideal for nudists. The small bay is not crowded, and the beach is sheltered by mountains and cliffs.

The water is a deep blue and is shallow enough to scuba dive. It is also protected from strong winds and therefore offers a great opportunity to enjoy swimming. The pebbles on this beach are relatively smooth, making it ideal for those who want to experience the ocean.

Agios Konstantinos sandy beach

Agios Konstantinos is a beautiful sandy beach on the island of Astypalaia. It’s located in the southeastern part of the island, near the town of Tzanakia. The beach has both sand and pebbles and crystal clear water. There are also many tamarisk trees for shade. The beach is renowned for its panoramic view of the coastline and is one of the most beautiful in Greece.

Agios Konstantinos is best visited in the summer months, when temperatures are warm enough for swimming and sunbathing. The sand here is fine and the water is shallow. Visitors should bring a swimsuit and sunscreen. They should also bring comfortable clothing for exploring the island. Life jackets should also be packed for children.

Agios Konstantinos is a picturesque sandy beach that overlooks Chora and its castle. It doesn’t get overcrowded. The view is spectacular and there’s no better place to enjoy the sunset than on this clifftop beach.

The beach is accessible by car and by sea from Pera Gialos and Chora. Nearby are Tzanakia, three pebble coves, and Agios Vasilios sandy beach. All three beaches are located within walking distance of each other.

Agios Konstantinos nudist beach

Agios Konstantinos is a seven-kilometer-long nudist beach south of Chora. This sandy beach has crystal clear waters and umbrellas for rent. It is popular with naturists and is easily accessible by car. It also has a taverna and a beach bar. The beach is naturally divided into two parts and offers a great deal of shade.

The village of Agios Konstantinos is located on the north side of the island and has a population of 406 people. Its single aisled basilica, Pano Agios Konstantinos, was built in 1790. The village has a rich water source and is surrounded by lush vegetation.

Astypalaia has a Mediterranean climate with moderate temperatures, clear seas and warm water. The island experiences cool, rainy winters and warm, sunny summers. The best time to visit Astypalaia is July or August. The other months, June and September, have fewer tourists.

The Vathi Beach is located on the north side of the island. It is a pebble beach with shallow water. The beach is a few kilometers long and 50 meters wide. There are some buildings along the shore. The village of Vathi is close by.

Astypalea is known for its sandy beaches, but there are several other beaches worth visiting. Tzanaki Beach is a quiet bay three kilometers from Chora, making it a popular nudist beach. It has a lovely beach bar and views of the island. You can also explore the beaches of Vatses and Kaminakia.