The Best Beaches in Amorgos

best beaches in Amorgos

Amorgos is a Greek island, located in the easternmost section of the Cyclades group. It is the closest island to the neighboring Dodecanese group. The island is home to several famous beaches. These include the beautiful Aegiali beach, the picturesque Maltezi beach, and the stunning Gramvousa beach.

Aegiali beach

The beautiful Aegiali beach can be reached by car from Katapola. The drive takes about 40 minutes and is very scenic. You can also hire a car to drive you to Aegiali beach, although this will cost you extra. The small beach is very popular, and there are cafes for refreshments.

Aegiali beach is a petal-shaped beach that is a good place for families with small children. It has a gentle water temperature, which makes it safe for swimming. In addition, its long shoreline makes it ideal for strolls with your family.

There are two ports on Amorgos. Aegiali is the more picturesque one, and there are a few Greek restaurants here. It has a family atmosphere that is unlike other tourist-crowded islands. It also has the largest sand beach in the island, with a playground for children. The island’s two other villages are Potamo and Langada.

Maltezi beach

Amorgos doesn’t have many long, sandy beaches. Instead, the island has many small coves and turquoise waters. Some of the best beaches on Amorgos are located around Katapola, Plakes, and Aegiali. If you’re looking for something a little bit more off the beaten path, try the island’s villages such as Aghios Pavlos and Kato Meria.

Maltezi beach is located northwest of Katapola and is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It features turquoise waters and fine sand. It also has a beach bar, which makes it an ideal spot for relaxing after a day at the sea.

Kalotaritissa beach

Kalotaritissa Beach is a sandy beach on the Greek island of Amorgos. Unlike other beaches on the island, it is not overrun with tourist facilities. The only services you’ll find here are a small beach cafĂ© and sunbeds for rent.

A short walk from Kalotaritissa will take you to the shipwreck of Olympia, one of the most photogenic sights on the island. You can get up close to the shipwreck, but don’t swim on it. There are people who go snorkeling right next to it.

Kalotaritissa beach is a beautiful beach located in a small, natural bay. The water is turquoise and the landscape is magnificent. Despite its small size, the beach is a safe place to swim. The only drawback is that it’s near the monastery of Agia Paraskevi and the cargo ship Olympia, so it’s best to bring your own beach equipment.

Gramvousa beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Greek island of Amorgos is the secluded Gramvousa. Located on the island’s southern coast, this islet has two sandy beaches and crystal-clear water. It’s also popular with skippers, because of its protected location from the south wind. The water is incredibly clear and is perfect for snorkeling.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach or a secluded cove, you’ll find plenty to do on the small island of Amorgos. You can spend hours lazing on this beach or take a short boat trip to nearby Santa Caterina.

Agia Anna beach

The beautiful scenery and turquoise water at Agia Anna Beach make it a popular spot for sunbathing in Amorgos. Its golden sand is ideal for swimming and there are many secluded areas for privacy. A nearby Marine Park offers opportunities for water sports. Be warned, though, that rough waters can be dangerous.

This stunning beach is 3.5km from Chora. It’s also a popular spot for baptisms and weddings. It’s accessible only by private car or by bus. There is a small cafe on the parking lot. There’s also a monastery nearby.