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Athens Top 10 Attractions

Posted on 19 July 2014 by Basil Boziotis

greek museumGreece is literally a vast archaeological site, an open museum if you may.  The country was inhabited from prehistoric times so almost anywhere you dig in the Greece you may possibly come across traces of human civilization.  Construction projects are often delayed as once something is found the job must stop and the proper authorities called to investigate.

The major archaeological sites in Greece seem to stand outside and beyond the reaches of time.  They have been recognized as the cradles of humanity and the excitement one feels when strolling along their ancient pathways is indescribable.

Greece offers the world over 100 outstanding archaeological sites.



Top 10 Athens Attractions

courtesy of Greek Honeymoon Website

  • Acropolis
  • Acropolis Museum
  • Ancient Agora
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Byzantine Museum
  • Goulandris Cycladic Museum
  • Little Mitropolis
  • Mikrolimano
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Plaka and Anafiotika

We thought that it only be appropriate to add the New Acropolis Museum to this list as well.  Just in case you are looking for more information on Ancient Greek Sites:

Here is a recent list of 10 best Ancient Archaeological sites to visits while in Greece

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Delos Travel Greek Island Hopping Specialists

Posted on 15 May 2014 by Basil Boziotis

Delos TravelDelos Travel specializes in creating an enriching vacation experience to the Greek Islands.  They have been assisting Greek Island Hoppers since 1973 and there mission is to assist you with great service, integrity and a great deal.

Delos Travel operates, as well as to help navigate your way through the Greek Islands.  You can also call them for service at 800.766.DELOS

Call today for Greek Island Hopping assistance 718.658.0200

scuba diving crete

Greek Island Hopping from only 555 Euros Per Person


Click here to see a great Greek Island Hopping travel package

For Greek Island General information brochures visit here

Greece has matured to a 4 season destination so don’t forget that vising in the spring or fall offers exceptional value and great weather.


Name your own price

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Visit Greece & The Greek Islands

Posted on 10 May 2014 by Basil Boziotis

Mykonos Town from

Mykonos Town from

We proudly share a wonderful short video on the history of Greek Tourism.

Visit Greek Islands, where tourism was invented

Greece’s Islands is on of its most compelling attributes. There are 1400 islands (2,000 at low tide) 169 which are inhabited.  If you do not venture to an island and instead opt to stay on mainland Greece, there is no place in the entire country that is more than 65 miles from the sea.  Greece also boasts a tremendous coastline at 13,676 km (8,498 mi) in length which is the 11th longest in the entire world.

Visit here for a small guide to Greece and the Greek Islands


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The Athens Stop Over

Posted on 21 February 2014 by Basil Boziotis

Parthenon by BasilWould you travel to France and not visit the Eiffel Tower?  So why would someone come to Greece and not visit the Parthenon? 

The main reason that most visitors site is that they do not want to waste time in Athens so that they have more time to spend on the Greek Islands.  I must say it is hard to argue this point, however it is advisable for many reasons that the first time traveler to Greece stop over in Athens upon arrival for a day or two.

Whether day or night you wont tire of Athens, and here are a few reasons for your consideration:

  1. All scheduled international flights by default must first fly to Athens and those wishing to go to a Greek  Island must switch to a domestic flight, or transfer to a port in Athens for a ferry ride.  Since you will be already in Athens, why not spend the night and venture out into this ancient city?
  2. Even the most young and Zealous Greek Island hoppers must realize that jet lag will be set in shortly after flying in, so stopping over in Athens will get you ready for your Greek Island.
  3. Athens is not just the Parthenon as the city is full of exciting nightlife and beaches.  You can opt to stay in the city center or 20 – 30 minutes outside of the city on the gold coast towns of Glyfada or Vouliagmeni.
  4. The city of Athens in the immediate towns within a 1 hour so driving range offer once in a life time opportunities to explore ruins and sacred sites.  Never fret because Greece is the most blessed country in the world with its thousands of kilometers of coastline so make sure to have your bathing suit handy for a quick dip.

one day cruise AthensI have compiled a list of great and inexpensive Athens sightseeing options:

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Greek Island Trip

Posted on 23 March 2013 by Basil Boziotis

Someone recently asked me what does happiness mean to me?  I thought for a while and came up with many potential answers, but in the final analysis I responded, “taking a Greek Island Trip”.  The Greek Islands are magical and most dream about getting there when it is time to retire.  But why wait until then?  What if retirement never comes?  The Greek Islands are waiting for you today and what makes it even more tempting is that the prices are right, the weather is getting better by the day and before you know it it will be April and time to swim!

The Greek Islands are diverse, from the dry and baron like Folegandros to the green and lush like Skiathos.  Or if you prefer a different pace try the Ionian Sea which lies in between Greece and Italy,  and explore the magical island of Zakinthos, pictured here.  Another favorite island of mine is Corfu with its deep and rich history featuring a tremendous Venetian influence offering a culinary delight at every turn.    In addition Corfu offers spectacular beaches, a vibrant town  and a vibe to rival any of the other Greek Islands.

What ever your Island of choice you will not be disappointed with the infamous Greek Filoxenia which will greet you in all corners of Greece. Life is short and the time is now to live.  A good resource to begin planning your Greek Island Trip can be found here.

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Honeymoon Greek Islands

Posted on 07 March 2013 by Basil Boziotis

Can you think of a better place to honeymoon than the Greek Islands?  Perfect Climate with no rain in the summer, no humidity and barely a cloud to see.  The rates have gotten cheaper, the US dollar has gotten Stronger and the folks on the Greek Island await to give you the best service of your life.

There are dozens of Greek Islands to choose from ranging from the Cosmopolitan Mykonos with great nightlife and beaches, to the fast moving Rhodes with tons of things to do including a world class casino.  The Greek Islands are easy to reach by either a quick domestic flight or high speed luxury ferry boat service.

One of my favorite places to visit is the city of Chania on the Greek Island of Crete.  Chania with over 350km of coastline and more than 80 beaches – most of which awarded with a blue flag, hosts some of the most beautiful exotic beaches in all of Greece.  A great day trip while in Chania is Elafoniss which is only 80km southwest of the city.  Elafoniss appears to be an Island but is an oblong peninsula which is connected to the mainland of Crete, featuring a shallow underwater passage where the surrounded lagoon is no deeper than 1m.

A great source of Honeymoon Ideas can be found on a website featuring Greek Island honeymoons.  Visit the Greek Honeymoon website here.




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Sailing the Greek Islands of the Cyclades

Posted on 07 February 2013 by Basil Boziotis

The Cyclades are best known for their beaches and whitewashed towns.  The most famous of all is the cliff top town of Fira on Santorini.  There are 56 islands in the group with only 24 inhabited some tiny and docile like Folegandros, and others like Mykonos, Paros and Ios pulsate with nightlife till dawn.  Most of the islands are arid and rocky, with the exception of wooded Andros, Kea and Naxos.   So how to visit more than just a few Greek Islands, during your Greek Island Hop?  The most efficient and economic solution is to sail the Greek Islands.  If you do not have access to a sail boat do not fret since the Greek Island Ferry Boat System is a great alternative.

Visit Greece, just published an article on sailing the Greek Islands of the Cyclades and here are some tips:

Greek Island Sailing Tips:

The lunar landscape at Sarakiniko on Milos Island
-The leeward harbor of Faros on Sifnos Island
-Windsurfing and waterskiing at Pounda beach on Paros Island
-The crazy nightlife of Mykonos Island
-The safest dock of Syros Island is Foinikas
-The “Old Lady’s Leap”beach on Andros Island
-The monastery of “Panagia Chozoviotissa” on Amorgos Island, visible only by the sea
-The traditional pigeon-houses on Tinos Island
-The relaxed atmosphere of Antiparos Island
-The golden beaches and the crystal blue waters of Ios Island
-The small scenic harbors and coves accessible by boat only on Kimolos
-The golden cave on Folegandros Island

Visit Here to Learn about the Greek Island Cyclades

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Luxury Villas Deals on the Greek Islands

Posted on 11 July 2012 by Basil Boziotis

The Greek Islands remain a premier destination of choice for Luxury Travelers.


The Greek Tourism Industry is expected to suffer a blow this year with less visitors expected this season as compared to last year.  The luxury side of the market is however doing quite well thus far this season and is expected to surpass last years numbers.  One of the reasons is the fact that better pricing is being offered by Hotel Owners on all major Greek Islands.    According to a post in the Travel News Website, Greek Luxury Villa Rentals remain strong this season.   The average price of a Luxury Retreats booking in Greece has decreased by 37 percent as compared to last year.

Dr. Andreas Andreadis, the president of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE), said, ‘We want to encourage international tourism and assure potential tourists that there has never been a better time to come to our country. We are trying to change the way our country and its economy is run, however, this is not going to affect the quality of a holiday.’

With Hoteliers and Villa owners being more aggressive with the pricing it will only be a matter of time before business resumes to normal levels on the Greek Islands, so take advantage of the Greek Island deals now.

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Day Trip It to Ancient Corinth from Athens

Posted on 25 May 2012 by Basil Boziotis

Ancient Corinth is inhabited since the Neolithic Ages from as early 5000 B.C., and historically one of greatest cities of Greece.  The City has played a key role through out the History of Greece from the Peloponnesian War thru the time of Julius Ceasar’s rule when it was known as the province of Achaia.  During medieval times  impressive fortress were built, and later in  1858 a devastating earthquake destroyed the city.  Corinth was rebuilt and today it is an important metropolis located only 84 kilometers west of Athens.

There is a great sightseeing tour via bus that departs from Athens every day to Ancient Corinth.  Arrangements can be made on line for you to be picked up from your hotel. Click Here for more information and Reservations on Ancient Corinth Tour

Duration: 5 hours
Guide speaks: English

Key Sites of Ancient Corinth:

  • Ecclesiastical Museum
  • Cathedral of St.Paul the Apostle
  • Historical-Folklore Museum
  • Law Court Building
  • Pedestrian walkway of Pylarinou Zografou

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Greek Islands, Still a place for the Rich

Posted on 14 May 2012 by Basil Boziotis

A great article was just published in the Telegraph Newspaper in England.  The article points out to how Greece was historically a vacation destination for the rich and not until the 1990’s did mass tourism arrives to the shores of the Greek Islands.  The Telegraph article also goes on to highlight some of Greece’s Chicest Greek Islands such as Mykonos; definitely worth the read.

“We may think of Greece as cheap, cheerful and, in recent months, broke, but it’s easy to forget that, until mass tourism really took off in the early 1990s, it was as much a rich man’s paradise as a hippie haven. In the 1960s, opulent enclaves such as Rhodes and Mykonos attracted visiting royalty, wealthy socialites and glitterati from the worlds of film, music, art and fashion, from Pablo Picasso, John Lennon and Henry Miller to Jackie Onassis and Brigitte Bardot.”

Click Here to Read the Entire Greek Island Story in the Telegraph

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